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Important Toy News: Star Wars Galaxy's Edge first collectibles leak

By Luke Brown
star wars resistance commander pyre

The opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge just may be one of the most anticipated theme park openings in the history of the universe. Fans have wanted to visit that galaxy far, far away for more than 40 years, and that chance is a mere few months away — in fact, on Thursday, Disney announced that it would open in Disneyland on May 31st and in Walt Disney World on August 31st.

We've been hearing details about what the massive installations in Disneyland and Disney World will entail, but very little about what kind of cool merchandise we'll be able to snap up in Batuu. Until some hints accidentally found their way free from Imperial firewalls.


Earlier this week, Hasbro unwittingly posted the first details on an exclusive set of Black Series action figures coming to Disney's much-anticipated theme park later this year. The listing has since been scrubbed from the company's website, but not before the fandom was able to capture all the images and details it could on what is sure to be one of the hot ticket items at Galaxy's Edge: the First Order four-pack.

Included in the set are Kylo Ren, Commander Pyre, a Mountain Trooper, and an MSE droid. While the Kylo figure appears to be the same one released in conjunction with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, both the Mountain Trooper and Commander Pyre are entirely new figures. Those two will also only be available at Galaxy's Edge in this set. Traditional retail hunters will have no luck adding one of the key villains from Star Wars: Resistance to their growing collections.

No word on a price point or actual release date are known at this time, but we're likely to learn much more about when Batuu's port will open at Star Wars Celebration in April.


If you're not going to be able to make it to Galaxy's Edge in the immediate future, there is still some good Star Wars Black Series news for you, too. Right now the latest fan vote for the next figure to join the fan-favorite line of action figures is going down on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram. The entire vote is based on characters from The Empire Strikes Back, and what originally started as a massive fan request has been whittled down to just 10 finalists.

Yes, Lobot is in there, as is Leia in her ornate Bespin gown. However, the clear choice is Willrow Hood, the man who is on screen for all of three seconds, running through the halls of Cloud City carrying an ice cream maker disguised as some sort of Bespin prop. Sure characters like Wedge Antilles or the Imperial Probe Droid might make for more exciting action figures, but neither of those collectibles has quite the same conversational appeal.

The voting ends on Friday, March 8, so be sure to make your voice heard if you want to see Willrow on shelves in 2020.

2019 is destined to be legendary as Hot Toys is excited to announce its amazing line of Hellboy collectibles! The line...

Posted by Hot Toys on Monday, March 4, 2019


Hellboy is returning to theaters in a new movie this April, and with his release came the hope we'd finally get some new Hellboy action figures. While more mainstream manufacturers haven't had much in the way of hornhead news, the high-end market is about to get a little more devilish. This week Hot Toys, fine purveyor of Star Wars, Marvel, and DC sixth-scale figures, announced plans to release figures based on the upcoming Hellboy reboot.

Sadly, there are no images of what the David Harbour Hellboy figure might look like in the hands of Hot Toys' talented sculptors. Hopefully, around the time the film hits theaters we'll actually get to see some imagery of Hellboy and his red right hand, and have a better idea of how much it'll cost and when it's coming out. For now, we can merely imagine the potential, both in quality craftsmanship and in bank-breaking costliness.


Technically sneakers may not be what you think of when it comes to traditional collectibles, but when they're going to be as limited and thematically fresh as Adidas' new Captain Marvel kicks, you better believe we're going to call them out here. As part of a collaboration with Foot Locker and artist Jen Bartel, Adidas will be releasing a special edition AM4 running shoe featuring Carol's signature style.

Adidas' AM4 running shoes are known for being incredibly comfortable and feature a Boost sole for extra cushioning. The shoes will retail for $150 and will be available exclusively at Foot Lockers beginning on March 8, which is the opening day for Captain Marvel and, maybe not-so-coincidentally, International Women's Day.

Unfortunately, it's not clear if the shoes will be available in both men's and women's sizes. If you want to get a pair, we suggest getting to the mall early. You never know if your size might be among the first to run out.