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SYFY WIRE Star Wars Resistance

In 'Doza’s Dilemma,' the First Order takes action against our Star Wars Resistance heroes

By Swapna Krishna

In “Doza’s Dilemma,” the First Order is tired of waiting for Captain Doza, leader of the Colossus, to decide whether he’s going to align himself with them. They decide to hurry his decision along (and sway it in their favor) by hiring pirates to kidnap Torra, his daughter. They enlist Synara to help make their plan happen, but she has second thoughts when she realizes that their target is her friend.

Swapna: My recap partner Preeti won’t be able to join me to discuss this latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, so I’ll be on my own today. That being said, I’m sad she can’t be here because this is the kind of pivotal narrative episode that Preeti and I both love.

First, let’s talk about Synara. I mentioned in previous recaps that I think she’s starting to have second thoughts about her allegiance to the pirates. That was confirmed in “Doza’s Dilemma,” as she was tapped to help the pirates get into the Tower so they can kidnap Torra Doza. But once she found out their mission, she worked with Kaz to help stop them from taking her friend.

All isn’t well for Synara, though. She might think she’s gotten away scot-free, but Kaz now knows she’s either working with the pirates or she’s one of them. That means they know each other’s secret, as Synara found out that Kaz is working with the Resistance already, and they’ll be watching each other closely. The look on Kaz’s face when he realized this was heartbreaking — he’s inclined to trust people and see the good in them, and this betrayal is a blow.

star wars resistance synara

It’s pretty unsurprising that the First Order double-crossed the pirates, “rescuing” Torra from their vile clutches and returning her safely to Captain Doza. The question is whether Torra realized what was going on — after all, the pirates clearly were offering her up to the First Order, and one said “They’d better have our payment” right in front of her.

The “small security detail” that the First Order insisted on leaving behind at the platform definitely felt like a threat and Doza was clearly not happy about it. But we still don’t know the final decision he’s going to make regarding whether to align the Colossus with the First Order, nor do we know what’s going through his head. My thought is that he knows that this is a bad deal (and getting worse all the time), but also feels that the consequences of not signing up with them might be terrible. Especially with their “rescue” of Torra; that scene when they returned her to Doza was ominous, to say the least.

The question is whether the First Order is even giving Doza a choice anymore. The security detachment they leave behind could very well turn into an occupying force. It’s quite possible that the First Order is ready to take over the Colossus whether Doza likes it or not.

We also still don’t know what all this means for Synara. It could be that, with the First Order no longer allied with the pirates, it could be her chance to break free of them and start a new life for herself on the platform. But things probably aren’t that simple, and it will be interesting to see the results.

We’ve only got four episodes left in this first season of Star Wars Resistance, and the show is really ratcheting up the tension. Let’s hope we get a few answers in the remaining installments, as the show isn’t back for a second season until December.