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SYFY WIRE Zachary Quinto

WIRE Buzz: Zachary Quinto goes In Search Of; Count Dooku gets an audio book; more

By Christian Long
Count Dooku Christopher Lee Attack of the Clones

The beloved docuseries In Search Of is about to find a second life. Deadline reports that History is launching a reboot of the classic series dedicated to examining unexplained phenomenon across the globe.

Zachary Quinto will both executive produce and host the new series, making it the second role he's taken over from Leonard Nimoy, who hosted the first In Search Of from 1976-1982. The X-Files' Mitch Pileggi hosted another version back in 2002.

The cable network has also greenlit The UnXplained, a series from Ancient Aliens creator Kevin Burns. Like In Search Of, the series will look at the facts behind some of the world's most baffling unexplained phenomenon. Also, William Shatner has been tapped to host, so there's a whole Star Trek connection, too.

"These shows will offer credible answers to questions about mysterious phenomena, while others will remain unexplained," said History programming chief Eli Lehrer. "Who else better to transport audiences through this journey than William and Zachary, whose passion, curiosity and perseverance to present every side of these enigmas beam on screen."

Currently, there's no word on a premiere date for either series.

Next up, the mysterious Count Dooku is about to get some serious backstory. The official Star Wars website has announced Dooku: Jedi Lost, a full-cast audiobook that follows Dooku's apprentice Asajj Ventress as she uncovers the secrets of his past. Specifically, why he left the Jedi Order in the first place.

The book, written by Cavan Scott, will be available for purchase starting Apr. 30. Here's an advanced look at the cover...

Dooku: Jedi Lost audiobook cover

The Sith lord first appeared in 2002's Attack of the Clones, where he was played by Christopher Lee. He also appeared (briefly) in 2005's Revenge of the Sith, and continued to voice the character in the animated series The Clone Wars.

Now, the Jedi Master-turned-Sith Apprentice will have his past dug up in the first Star Wars book written specifically for the audiobook format. The cast includes Euan Morton, Orlagh Cassidy, January LaVoy, Marc Thompson, and more.

You can check out Dooku: Jedi Lost when it drops on Apr 30.

Finally, Freeform has announced several gems on their upcoming schedule, including an epic finale and a mid-season premiere.

With Shadowhunters coming to an end after three seasons, the show will be getting a two-and-a-half hour season finale, according to Deadline. While fans were unable to save the series despite a dedicated campaign, they did come together to donate to The Trevor Project, an LGBTQ charity, to support the show's legacy of inclusion. Disney, which owns Freeform, added $25,000 to the total.

You can say goodbye to Shadowhunters when the finale airs May 6.

Of course, when one show ends, another returns. In this case, the hydro-friendly drama Siren will pick up for the back half of its second season starting Thursday, July 11.

With the future of the mermaids uncertain after the attack on an oil rig, they return to sea. Also, Rena Owen's Helen figures out she's not the last of her kind, she discovers a dark secret from the past.

You can see how it all plays out starting July 11 on Freeform.