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SYFY WIRE Into the Dark

Hulu has renewed Into the Dark for another season of holiday horror

By Brian Silliman
Into the Dark (Culture Shock)

It's time for another monthy romp into horror, because Hulu has given Into the Dark a second season. The horror anthology series is a monthly affair, produced by Hulu and Blumhouse, with each installment based around some kind of holiday or tradition associated with the month in which the episode airs.

Hulu confirms to SYFY WIRE that the series will be premiering 12 more episodes, and that they will begin this October. They'll go all the way through to next summer, with the series now guaranteed to be around at least through September of 2020. 

The news was originally reported by Vulture, who talked with Marci Wiseman and Jeremy Gold, the co-presidents of Blumhouse TV. As Wiseman says, “What we want to replicate is the kind of the filmmaker-driven vision for the films. We’ve brought Hulu filmmakers who are vision first, script later, and they have been unbelievable partners in letting us build this collection.”

Jordan Helman, the vice president of content development for Hulu, praised Blumhouse's "deep roots in the horror genre" to Vulture and says the series has maintained a devoted monthly audience. As he says, "Into the Dark allows us to super-serve one of our most engaged and passionate audiences."

Though the show deals primarily in horror, it also puts a subversive spin on current events, similar to shows like Black Mirror. Notable episodes in the first year of the series have included the New Year's installment, titled "New Year, New You," and the timely immigration story at the center of "Culture Shock."

You can catch up with a year's worth of holiday horror from Into the Dark on Hulu right now, with new episodes beginning in October.