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SYFY WIRE Into the Dark

WIRE Buzz: Into the Dark gets Uncanny Annie trailer; Jason Bateman may get a Clue; more

By Brian Silliman
Uncanny Annie (Into the Dark)

Hulu's monthly horror anthology, Into the Dark, is about ready to come back to the light. The series (a co-venture between Hulu and Blumhouse Television) puts out a new episode of horror in theme with a holiday from each month, so naturally the show's October episode will revolve around Halloween. The first episode of the new season is called "Uncanny Annie," and a new trailer has just been released.

Directed by Paul Davis and written by Alan Blake Bachelor and James Bachelor, this installment will feature a group of college students getting trapped in a nefarious board game on Halloween night. Hulu's description reads, "they must play to escape ... and win to survive." Sounds like a horrific and highly unsettling spin on Jumanji, without the monkeys and elephants.

Take a look at the trailer here: 

Yeah, that's one board game that you'd have to pay us to play ... we have no desire to meet Uncanny Annie. We'll definitely watch others play, though — the episode stars Georgie Flores, Adelaide Kane, Paige McGhee, Jacques Colimon, Dylan Arnold, and Evan Bittencourt.

Get ready to play the horrifying game when "Uncanny Annie" drops Friday, Oct. 4, on Hulu. 

Speaking of board games come to life, there's potential movement on the reboot of Clue, coming from (and starring) Ryan Reynolds, with a script from Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Recent Emmy-winning director Jason Bateman (Ozark) is in talks to direct, as well as star in the film alongside Reynolds. 

Jason Bateman

Deadline reports that talks are in the "early going" for the Fox (under Disney) venture. Bateman (also of Arrested Development fame) pulled a surprise win this past Sunday night at the Emmys when he took the prize for Best Directing in a Drama Series despite many Game of Thrones episodes being nominated in the same category.

Bateman begins production today on the new season of Ozark, which he also stars in, and will direct two episodes. Will he eventually get caught up in the candlestick-in-the-parlor murder mockery with Reynolds? Time will tell ... if he doesn't, there's always money in the banana stand. 

Finally today, we have a look at Season 10 of Robot Chicken, which features the show doing what it does best — going for laughs through utter madness. Watch as a couple of executives try and get Popeye and his friends to catch on with Generation Z. 

**WARNING: The following video is very funny, but it is also NSFW.**

If one of those executives sounds familiar, that's because it's none other than Susan Sarandon, who is lending her talents to the new season of the stop-motion smash. 

Season 10 will debut with back-to-back episodes Sept. 29 on Adult Swim.

(via Variety)