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Is Zombie Tidal Wave's Ian Ziering low-key building a Sharknado Cinematic Universe?


On August 17, Ian Ziering is returning to SYFY to take on the Zombie Tidal Wave! After six Sharknado movies, we have to wonder, though, what cursed Ziering to an endless cycle of ridiculously over-the-top threats? Was it because he played Steve Sanders for all 10 seasons of Beverly Hills 90210?

Join SYFY WIRE’s Caitlin Busch, Jackie Jennings, and Max Tedaldi as they take the deep dive into the world of Zombie Tidal Wave. Or should we say the Sharknado Cinematic Universe? Although Ziering is playing a new character, Hunter Shaw, he is reteaming with Sharknado director Anthony C. Ferrante. Ziering also brought his Sharknado character, the aptly named Fin Shepard, to the SYFY original movie Lavalantula. So a shared universe isn’t that far-fetched.

Additionally, our panel made a few suggestions for future zombie and shark movie match-ups with some classic big-screen films. There was also a lengthy discussion about who would win in a head-to-head battle between sharks and zombies. It’s an interesting concept that would probably lead to a new zombie shark threat. But if that’s the case, would the zombie sharks be hungry for human flesh or human brains?

Finally, our panel tackled the most important question ever raised by zombie fiction: “What’s your zombie plan?” One of our preferred destinations in that scenario is to hole up in a neighborhood Costco. Not only is it well stocked with enough food to last a lifetime, but zombies won’t be able to get in without their membership cards!

For more Zombie Tidal Wave fun, check out the full video!