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It's time for Crusher Watch: The Episode [Warp Factor 3.2]

By Brian Silliman

Crusher Watch! Recently, Star Trek legend Gates McFadden talked to about her possible return to the stars in Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard. She doesn't give a firm yes, but she doesn't shoot it down either. She's definitely interested, so our patented "Crusher Watch" red alert went off immediately.

The entire staff of Warp Factor (legions of writers, hosts, actors, producers, grips, gaffers, etc) are highly invested in the return of Dr. Beverly Crusher, especially because she and Jean-Luc Picard are soulmates. The recent interview was all the reason we needed to take a Crusheriffic deep dive into Star Trek: The Next Generation's Season 4 episode "Remember Me."

It's a bottle episode, and a "savings episode" as well — much of it is McFadden alone on pre-existing sets. That doesn't mean that it isn't fascinating, because it is. Crusher outsmarting the computer within her warp bubble universe is great, and McFadden shines in every scene. It's also a notable episode for Wesley, as The Traveler returns to the overall story — he was added in at the last minute because the script was missing something, and the character was really big at conventions. They wanted to bring him back anyway, so here he is.

Remember "Remember Me" with this week's episode of Warp Factor, which you can watch right here. Crusher Watch shall never end, even if it is in front of the Klingons.