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SYFY WIRE Jabba the Pod

Jabba the Pod Bonus: Jabba's Life Day Spectacular! (The Star Wars Holiday Special)

By Brian Silliman
Bea Arthur (Star Wars Holiday Special)

Though the fictional Star Wars holiday Life Day has come and gone, our heroes at SYFY WIRE's podcast about Star Wars, Jabba the Pod, were not about to let the day go by without celebrating it.

How exactly did Caitlin Busch, Matt Romano, and Brian Silliman go about doing so? By discussing the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, of course. Everyone may want to continue to pretend that this truly insane bit of television doesn't exist — but it does, by the Force, it does.

At times joyous (Bea Arthur, because come on) and at times truly bizarre (Chewie's father hooked up to some kind of pseudo-pornographic hologram machine), this is a Holiday Special like no other. Yes, our heroes celebrate it and break it down (there's a surprising amount of it that The Mandalorian has made canon), but we'd be lying if they also didn't give it a little, um, good-natured ribbing. Very good-natured indeed.

Gather around the fire, hold Yoda Baby close, and take a listen to a holiday special about another holiday special. It's a perfectly sane thing to do.

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