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The Walking Dead's Jadis finally returns in exclusive clip from the next ‘World Beyond’

The enigmatic Jadis returns to 'The Walking Dead' universe in a sneak peek from the next 'World Beyond.'

By Tara Bennett
The Walking Dead World Beyond 206 Still

It's been a while, Jadis. We missed you in The Walking Dead universe, first as the leader of the very strange Scavengers that appeared in Season 7 and then as a contributing member of the Alexandria community who changes her name to Anne in Season 9. In all of her iterations, actress Pollyanna McIntosh has imbued the character with a compelling and commanding presence that's made all of her appearances fun to watch.

To jog your memory, audiences last saw her in the Season 9 The Walking Dead episode, "What Comes After," where she and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) were loaded onto a mysterious helicopter and taken away. As promised, McIntosh is now coming back into the narrative as a regular on The Walking Dead: World Beyond. 

SYFY WIRE has an exclusive first look from Sunday's brand new episode, "Who Are You?" which reveals Jadis/Anne/Officer Stokes for the first time:

The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Exclusive clip for "Who Are You?”

Wearing a Civic Republic Military uniform, Warrant Officer Stokes — as she's called by "Huck" Mallick (Annet Mahendru) in the clip — is the latest version of the character and surprising one at that. Anne in Alexandria was a much softer version of the woman, but this Stokes soldier feels closer to the Jadis persona. 

Showrunner Matt Negrete tells SYFY WIRE that figuring out who the Jadis character is within the framework of World Beyond was a lot of fun. "We knew where she ended up on The Walking Dead. She was in a helicopter with Rick and seemed to be headed towards the Civic Republic. That opened up a world where six years have gone by, in story time, between her leaving in the helicopter and when she shows up on on this show. It was really fun to think about what happened to her. And we do fill in those blanks," he emphasizes. "She will talk about a little bit about her history on the show. It's fun to be able to do that and to bridge these different shows with thischaracter. And it's just fun to see her go from one iteration into a different version of this character. And it was fun to kind of just think about how she's changed in those in those interim years."

New episodes of The Walking Dead: World Beyond air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/9c on AMC.