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SYFY WIRE Ruben Fleischer

'Uncharted' director developing film adaptation of 'Jak and Daxter' - and Tom Holland wants in

Start collecting those power cells!

By Josh Weiss

Uncharted director Ruben Fleischer may have already found his next project and what's more, the potential movie would be another adaptation of a beloved Naughty Dog property. Speaking with Digital Trends about Nathan Drake's silver screen debut next week, the filmmaker let slip that he's currently developing a film endeavour based on "Jak and Daxter, a version of that, for PlayStation, which I think would be really cool to bring to life."

The franchise, which is currently comprised of six different titles, first kicked off in 2001 with the release of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy for the PlayStation 2. Designed by Evan Wells (a key figure on the Uncharted games and now co-president of Naughty Dog) and directed by Jason Rubin (a co-founder of the company), the first entry in the series introduced players to the eponymous duo.

While exploring a forbidden island, the wisecracking Daxter accidentally falls into a pit full of a strange substance known as "dark eco," which transforms him into an ottsel (a combination of an otter and weasel). Wanting to be returned to his human form, Daxter and Jak set off on an epic adventure to find the one individual who might be able to help them: eco scholar Gol Acheron. At the end of the game, Daxter must choose between assuming his old form or saving the world.

If Fleischer wants to reunite with Uncharted star Tom Holland (fresh off his Spider-Man trilogy), the actor probably wouldn't refuse. "I would like to make a Jak and Daxter movie and I would play Jak," Holland said during a separate conversation with GameSpot. "But I would make it A24, so it [would be] really weird and dark ... I would do a really weird live-action version of Jak and Daxter."

The Precursor Legacy celebrated its 20th anniversary in late 2021, with Evan Wells looking back on the game's development. "As we were hitting a major deadline (Beta?) it was right before a holiday weekend (Labor Day?). I had planned to drive out to Las Vegas with my wife to meet our friends, but I couldn’t leave until we had confirmed that the game could be completed to 100 percent," he recalled. "We had a small QA department, but I could collect all the orbs and power cells faster than most, if not all, of them, so with the extra motivation that night I got it down to about 1 hour 45 minutes, so I could get on the road and start the vacation!"

Uncharted hits the big screen next Friday, Feb. 18.