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James Corden grows a super goatee in Shazam! parody on Late Late Show

By Josh Weiss
James Corden as Shazam on The Late Late Show

Zachary Levi might be the definitive Shazam of the modern era, but that doesn't mean he can't share his powers with those who are also worthy of them. In a new sketch from James Corden, Levi turns the British Late Late Show host into a superhero with less-than-stellar abilities. 

Stating that he's conquered the worlds of Broadway, TV, and film, Corden says that he now wants to take on the world of superheroes. Placing his hands on the magical staff held by Djimon Hounsou's wizard in the Shazam! movie and saying the special name, Corden gains the hero's regal and caped uniform, but none of his actual abilities.

Levi takes on the role of Freddie Freeman (played by Jack Dylan Grazer in the film) to help Corden in finding out what special gifts might have manifested themselves.

Watch the full sketch below:

Corden's Shazam doesn't have super strength, X-ray vision, laser eyes, or super speed, but he can grow a pretty sick goatee that just gets larger and larger every time he says the magic name. Hey, it's not as lame as you'd think. Many of us baby faces would kill for facial-hair-on-command like that!

That being said, Corden doesn't find it very cool (even when he can retract the hair by saying "Shazam" backwards) and dubs himself "the worst superhero ever." Feeling bad for the dejected talk-show host, Levi hires two people to stage a mugging, so that Corden can stop the robber and feel like a genuine do-gooder.

Directed by David F. Sandberg (Lights Out), Shazam! opens in theaters everywhere  on April 5.