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Taking a page from Marvel, James Gunn promises future DC projects will connect across TV and film

Get ready for the big and small screens to unite like never before at DC Studios.

By Matthew Jackson
Peacemaker Justice League

James Gunn and his partner Peter Safran have only been holding the reins over at DC Studios for four weeks at this point, so we still don't know all that much about how the new leadership will affect the final film products in the coming years. Thanks to Gunn's energetic social media presence, though, we know at least a few things, including one big promise from the writer/director himself: Get ready for a more connected DC Universe. 

On Twitter over the weekend, Gunn fielded a few questions from fans about his philosophy in shaping the DC Universe moving forward, and what we're likely to see in the weeks, months, and years to come. One of the cornerstones of the plan so far is a greater sense of unity in the output of DC Studios, which led one fan to ask if that unity means a greater sense of story connection across projects. Here's how Gunn answered:

So yes, we are looking at a DC future in which the stories on the big and small screen intersects in ways that are a bit more in line with what Marvel Studios has been doing over the last few years. That means picking projects which fit that scheme, of course, but it also means finding ways to integrate pre-existing storytelling into this new vision for the company. Gunn and Safran have inherited a DC slate that already includes established stars as Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and more, not to mention the new arrival of Black Adam and the ongoing saga of finally getting The Flash to the big screen after years of development. That sense of connection means building on those stories, but it could also mean cutting ties with others, or developing a more elaborate sense of the DC multiverse to explain why some stories are less connected than others. 

We've already gotten a peek at what that might look like thanks to Gunn's most recent work, with his HBO Max series Peacemaker connecting to his Suicide Squad film and the larger DC film universe.

Gunn also a fielded a few other small questions to clear up any lingering confusion about his role for fans. Among the answers: Yes, he will keep writing and directing on "select" DC Studios stories. Yes, video games will be more connected to the films and TV shows going forward. And yes, he has heard your requests for Booster Gold

Plus, Gunn offered an interesting tease of when we might learn even more about the upcoming DC Studios slate, telling one fan that he'd "find it surprising" if we didn't hear more about he and Safran's plans some time before San Diego Comic-Con 2023.

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