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SYFY WIRE The Suicide Squad

James Gunn calls The Suicide Squad 'mine from start to finish,' wrapped with zero reshoots

By Matthew Jackson

In the age of Zack Snyder's Justice League, when fans are more aware than ever of the impact studio intervention can have on a single filmmaker's plans for a blockbuster tentpole, people are eager to ask their favorite directors for reassurance. Thankfully for those looking for to The Suicide Squad, James Gunn is here to provide it. 

On his Twitter feed Monday, Gunn took a little time to talk about The Suicide Squad, his upcoming DC Films release starring a reinvented (and R-rated) version of the title antihero team that's proven so buzzed about at WarnerMedia that it's already inspired an HBO Max spinoff series. Gunn revealed that, as of this week, the film is finished "VFX and all," leaving nothing left to do but work on marketing materials and tie-ins and promote the film ahead of its release this summer. 

This revelation, of course, led some fans to ask about reshoots. In some circles lately, the very idea of going back for reshoots has become a kind of shorthand for "studio interference," though that's certainly not always the case. In the case of The Suicide Squad, though, Gunn explained that he managed to finish production without ever taking that step, something that doesn't happen with your average studio blockbuster.

That revelation of course prompted another fan to ask if Gunn was able to maintain full control over the footage he shot the first time around, which led to even more reassurance from the filmmaker.

Gunn's reassurances help to underscore the level of latitude he was allowed when he made the leap to Warner Bros. in the first place after he was termporarily fired from Marvel Studios in the wake of a controversy revolving around some old tweets that has since been rectified by the Walt Disney Company. His arrival in the DC Films world came at a time when the studio was looking to refine their approach to superhero films, particularly since fans were growing increasingly frustrated over reports that Snyder's plans for Justice League had been thoroughly reworked and picked apart in his absence.

That meant Warner Bros. executives were eager to give other filmmakers more room to run, and that meant Gunn got his wish to make a full-tilt, wild Suicide Squad adventure complete with characters like King Shark and Weasel roaming around. Now, as the director himself said, all that's left is for all of us to wait to see it.

The Suicide Squad arrives in theaters and on HBO Max August 6.