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Watch: Jamie Lee Curtis says goodbye in emotional new 'Halloween Ends' behind the scenes footage

It's time for Laurie Strode's final fight.

By Matthew Jackson
Jamie Lee Curtis behind the scenes of Halloween Ends (2022)

Jamie Lee Curtis has inhabited the Laurie Strode character at least once in every decade since the 1970s, and she's even tried to leave the role behind more than once. It seemed she was done after Halloween II, then after Halloween: H20, then after Halloween: Resurrection, when Laurie was killed off in the film's opening act. But the opportunity to revisit Laurie for an entirely new trilogy drew Curtis back, and now she's prepared to say goodbye again, for what seems like it might finally be forever.

Halloween Ends might not be the last film in the Halloween franchise, but everything about the marketing and the setup for the film has framed it as the last ride for Curtis as Laurie Strode, who became the ultimate final girl for many horror fans in 1978's Halloween. It's been four years since the devastating events of Halloween Kills, and while Laurie has tried to move on, Michael Myers has not entirely left her behind. When Michael unexpectedly returns, seemingly more powerful than ever, Laurie must face the reality that in order to kill the boogeyman, she may have to die as well. 

That's a heavy emotional weight for Laurie Strode, and in a new behind-the-scenes featurette released in the lead-up to Halloween Ends, it seems to be just as emotional for Curtis. In the video below, simply titled "Jamie's Journey," you can see firsthand footage of what it was like for Curtis to create Laurie's final fight, including what happens when she digs deep and works to perfect her own fight scenes with Michael in the film. It's a fascinating look at a star who seems determined to leave it all on the field for what's likely her final performance as her signature character. Check it out:

To add to what Curtis called an "emotional" filmmaking experience, we also see footage of the star continuing to bond with the crew of the film, many of whom have been on board in some capacity since Halloween 2018. Then, to drive the point home, we see Curtis on what looks like her last day of filming, tearing up as her castmates and the crew applaud her work on the film, and the entire trilogy. No matter how scary Halloween Ends is, it's clear that for some horror fans, it will also bring a tear or two. 

Halloween Ends is in theaters and streaming on Peacock Oct. 14.