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Jamie Lee Curtis teases the 'sweet spot' of Disney's new 'Haunted Mansion' movie

According to Curtis, the new movie is going to be "yummy."

By Matthew Jackson
Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis has been busy the last few weeks saying goodbye to Laurie Strode with the premiere of Halloween Ends in theaters and on Peacock, but that's not the only major genre movie she's excited about. The screen legend is also set to appear in Disney's upcoming Haunted Mansion movie, and based on everything she knows about the film, it's right in a particular "sweet spot."

"I think they found the sweet spot of scary, funny, and adventure," Curtis told Entertainment Weekly during a recent interview. "You know, it's cooking. I barely cook, I attempt cooking all the time, and it's all ingredients, and then the mix and the time, and it's always hard to know, are you going to make something yummy? And from what I'm seeing, and what I've heard, Justin [Simien] has made something yummy."

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Simien (Dear White People) directed the new feature based on the popular Disney ride from a script by Katie Dippold (The Heat), recruiting a cast along the way that includes Tiffany Haddish, LaKeith Stanfield, Danny DeVito, Dan Levy, Jared Leto, and Curtis, who plays Madame Leota. The film will follow a single mother and her child as they move into a mansion that happens to be haunted, and the various allies they draft along the way to help them cleanse the place. It's the second major big-screen adaptation of the ever-popular Disney attraction, and will finally materialize next year after a very long development cycle. 

For Curtis, who knows a thing or two about scary movies and family films, the new Haunted Mansion will fall right in with the tone of the ride itself, blending the spooky with the fun to create something Disney hopes is family friendly. 

"It's modern, fresh, old-fashioned, and scary, but not scary like a monster movie," she said. "It's scary like a Disney ride, and funny. If you go on that ride, there's a lot of humor as well as the scary, ghost-y stuff."

Haunted Mansion hits theaters Aug. 11, 2023. Halloween Ends is in theaters and on Peacock now.