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Saturday Night Live takes on Star Trek, Jeff Bezos in hilarious 'Ego Quest' skit with Loki star Owen Wilson

By Matthew Jackson
SNL 1806 Jeff Bezos

Earlier this year, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos flew to space on a rocket built by his own private spaceflight firm, Blue Origin. A few days ago, Saturday Night Live returned for its 47th season. These two events were bound to coincide eventually, and fortunately for everyone, SNL is wasting no time in roasting Bezos for his rocket ship adventure. 

Loki star Owen Wilson hosted SNL's season premiere Saturday night alongside musical guest Kacey Musgraves, and while the MCU didn't get any spoofing this time around, Wilson's time as the voice of Lightning McQueen in the world of Cars definitely did. Also on the chopping block in the premiere: Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin flight over the summer, in a sketch dubbed "Billionaire Star Trek."

In the video below, you can see what happens when Bezos takes the helm of a ship "that looks like a penis" (a dig at Blue Origin's own very...distinctive ship design) alongside a motley crew that includes his own brother (real-life brother Luke Wilson), a science nerd from the Netherlands, and a retired astronaut for a new series called Star Trek: Ego Quest. Their mission: Just fly around, goof off, take selfies, and enjoy some run-ins with fellow spacefaring billionaires like Richard Branson and Elon Musk.

Check it out:

Come for the Star Trek parody, stay for the carefully placed digs at reports of working conditions at Amazon warehouses. 

It's easy to see some version of this particular sketch transform into a recurring bit on SNL in the coming months and years, as more private spaceflights funded by billionaries move into the spotlight. As "Billionaire Star Trek" points out, both Musk and Branson have their own plans for space domination, including everything from space station flights to eventual trips to the moon, so Star Trek: Ego Trip could return with an Amazon-and-SpaceX-branded Martian base battle in the very near future.