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SYFY WIRE Thor: Love and Thunder

Jeff Goldblum hints at Grandmaster's return to Thor: Love and Thunder

By Christian Long & Katie Wilson
Jeff Goldblum Thor: Ragnarok

Ever since it was confirmed that Taika Waititi would be returning to helm Thor: Love and Thunder, fans have wondered if Jeff Goldblum's Ragnarok character would return for the fourth God of Thunder film.

Earlier today, SYFY WIRE spoke with Goldblum at the press line of the D23 Expo, where he said in his typically delightful cadence that he'd love to return.

"Oooh, I can't give away any secrets," he began, adding simply, "I know nothing, and I can't say any more than that." Though he did add his love for the character, Waititi, as well as Kevin Feige and the rest of Marvel's top brass for their filmmaking prowess, before breaking into a version of "If I Had a Hammer." 

Later, he gave a slightly stronger hint as to his involvement with Love and Thunder in an interview with Entertainment Weekly

"I can’t reveal any secrets, not that I know anything definitively, but there’s a whisper of a thought or notion that I might have some participation in it," Goldblum said. "I would love to [return], to the extent that Taika Waititi is directing it. I would show up anywhere where Taika Waititi is — and all of Marvel too."

Grandmaster was first introduced in 2017's Ragnarok as the ruthless leader of his artificial trash planet Sakaar, where he holds elaborate gladiator games dubbed "The Contest of Champions." He also had a bit of an ambiguous ending after his enslaved warriors successfully led an uprising. In a Ragnarok post-credits scene, he's confronted by a mob of civilians where he hastily declares the revolution a "tie." So there are plenty of ways he could show back up in Love and Thunder.

There's also Goldblum's desire to have Grandmaster share the screen with his cosmic sibling, Benicio del Toro's Collector, who first showed up in one of The Dark World's post-credits scenes before playing a major role in the first Guardians of the Galaxy

Thor: Love and Thunder is due in theaters on November 5, 2021.