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Supernatural's Jensen Ackles talks 'possibility' of revival, Bruce Campbell nearly parenting

By Nivea Serrao
Supernatural final season screenshot

Supernatural may be drawing to an end soon, but that doesn't mean that it can't rise up again a few years from now in the form of a revival series, not unlike both The X-Files and Twin Peaks in recent years. 

If that's the case, then series star Jensen Ackles — who plays Dean Winchester, one of the two monster-hunting and world-saving brothers at the center of the long-running CW show — says he'd totally be up for it. 

"I’ve always thought that there’s a possibility of five years down the road, getting the call saying, 'Hey let’s do a little short order action for a streaming network' and bringing it back for six episodes," said Ackles during this week's episode (below) of former Smallville co-star Michael Rosenbaum's podcast, Inside of You.  

Ackles went on to add, "I do feel like this isn’t the long goodbye right now. I feel like this is, 'Let’s hang this in the closet for now, and we’ll dust her off down the road a bit.'" 

If the network does decide to bring back the fan-favorite show, then fans can be rest assured that another beloved member of the "cast" will also be able to make their return alongside him: the ‘67 Chevy Impala that has almost become a part of the Winchester family itself, even receiving an episode from its point of view, during the show's 15-season run. Ackles recently revealed he will get to keep the car once the show finishes filming its last two episodes, which it restarted production on last month. 

"I'm gonna clean her up, but not change anything," Ackles told Rosenbaum. "I’m gonna need to add an air conditioning unit because we live in Texas. I’m probably gonna get some new speakers, [and] a radio system in there that actually works. But everything else, I’m gonna leave the creak in the doors, the splits in the seats.”

And that wasn't the only fun fact that Ackles shared during the podcast. He also let slip some interesting casting information — namely, that Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead) wasn't the only choice to play his on-show father, John Winchester. The show's creative team initially wanted Bruce Campbell (Ash vs Evil Dead) for the part, as Morgan is only 12 years older than Ackles in present-day, which would not work as well as it did in the flashbacks at the beginning of the series when Dean and Sam are both children. 

"They actually went out to Bruce Campbell to play Present-Day Dad," said Ackles. "That was the only person that they wanted. Ultimately, they couldn’t make it happen, whether it was [because of his] schedule or whatever. So they kind of threw their hands up in the air, and [were] like, 'Well, maybe we can just age Jeff up and have him come back and play an older version of himself.'" 

(The show may not have been able to snag Campbell for the part, but that didn't stop him from reviewing it when it premiered!) 

Supernatural returns for the final part of its last season on The CW Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. ET, with the series finale concluding the series on Nov. 19.