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Jexi: Adam DeVine terrorized by scorned version of Siri in first trailer for tech-based rom-com

By Josh Weiss
Adam DeVine Jexi

Virtual assistants like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa are meant to make our lives easier, but what happens when they go rogue and start sharing our personal information (bank account access, salacious selfies, etc.) with the world?

That's the central, not to mention timely, premise for Jexi, a technology-based romantic comedy from Lionsgate that feels like the anti-Her. In the first trailer, we meet Phil (Adam DeVine), who gets acquainted with his new smartphone's AI named "Jexi," which is obviously a not-so-subtle amalgamation of Siri and Alexa. She's perfectly voiced by Rose Byrne in her second evil robot role of 2019 after I Am Mother. When Phil starts falling for Cate Finnegan (X-Men's Alexandra Shipp), Jexi starts feeling neglected, and turns our hero's life into a living nightmare. As the old saying goes, hell hath no fury like an artificial intelligence scorned.

Does this mean that when the robot uprising finally arrives, it'll be more like a bad break-up than Terminator levels of murder?

Watch the trailer now:

Jexi was both written and directed by the duo that penned the first Hangover movie, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. Justin Hartley, Wanda Sykes, Ron Funches, Charlyne Yi, Scott Mescudi, and Michael Peña all co-star alongside DeVine, Byrne, and Shipp.

Thanks to the release of Stuber earlier this summer, we are now living in an age where Hollywood is combining the hottest technological trends for the sake of comedy. It didn't work out so well for that film, but maybe Jexi will have better luck.

You can see DeVine freaking out even further in two new teaser posters below:

Jexi movie posters

Jexi comes online in theaters everywhere Friday, Oct. 11.

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