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Iconic director Joel Schumacher's death sparks outpouring of love from genre fans

By Jacob Oller
joel schumacher getty

After news of iconic filmmaker Joel Schumacher's death at the age of 80 broke earlier today, the world had a lot of love to show for the director behind such genre favorites as The Lost Boys, FlatlinersBatman Forever, and Batman & Robin

Schumacher was a special kind of artist who injected even his biggest swings with personal artistry: There was no mistaking a Joel Schumacher production, whether it had superheroes, vampires, or simply a Phantom of the Opera. His battle with cancer ended in his death, but his creative life and memorable body of work have prompted an outpouring of affection on social media.

On Twitter, those mourning his loss and celebrating his wonderful filmography posted tributes and remembrances linked to his movies, his style, his bravery as an openly LGBTQ+ filmmaker, and his wry interview answers. Those paying tribute ranged from writers and editors, to comic creators like Rob Liefeld, to actors like Jim Carrey (Batman Forever's Riddler), to fellow geeky directors like Kevin Smith.