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Joker is roasted by Burger King on the same day he nabbed a staircase of nominations

By Brian Silliman
Burger King Joker Steps Ad

Though Hollywood royalty seems pleased with Joker, it would appear that royalty of the sandwich variety is not happy with the movie whatsoever. Despite the film doing well at the Golden Globes and picking up multiple nominations from BAFTA and the WGA, the clown prince of crime has earned the ire of Burger King's mascot, the Burger King. The giant-headed ruler of burgers, who is arguably more terrifying than the Joker himself, has launched a full-on assault on Mr. J ... and all of it comes back to, you guessed it, those steps in the Bronx.

Ever since Joker hit it big, that particular staircase has grown in popularity as a tourist destination. People flock to the steps in clown regalia, and most of them re-enact the dance done in the film by its titular psychopath. Many Bronx locals despise that their homes are now constantly being barraged by Instagram influencers and would-be Jokers, and the New York Daily News reported as much last October. Things have obviously escalated, because now the Burger King is coming to the "rescue" of Bronx residents.

Take a look at the King's handiwork right here: 

Burger King | King Stairs

The advertisement shows the "Joker Stairs" under siege by tourists, before showing the words, "Dear Bronx, we know clowns can be annoying." That's when the King himself shows up, who apparently holds some kind of rule over things in the Bronx? He is beside himself at all of the stairway dancing going on, but then he instantly turns into a hypocrite and begins to dance himself.

That's when the real deal comes in: Bronx residents can now use the code "Kingstairs" on UberEats to get a free Whopper. The King isn't trying to liberate the Joker Stairs at all, he is trying to usurp Joker's hold on them and assimilate the stairs into his own kingdom of pickles and fries.

It's a bold move from the Burger King, but overcrowded Bronx residents who are already over the ho-ha-ha of the stairs might feel like this is putting a band-aid on a third-degree burn. Will one free Whopper make all of the crowds of tourists go away? No, and even if it did, the Bronx would have to deal with the King himself ... an entirely different flip-patty beast. People likely don't want "Joker Stairs" or "King Stairs." They just want, you know, stairs.

Seriously, how has it come to this? Due to Joker now making the rounds during awards season (something that looks like it will continue), even more people will be exposed to these stairs, and even more tourists will visit the location. Free Whoppers are nice, but they aren't going to hold back this tide. This isn't even Gotham City, so it's not like we can hope for Batman to come in and save the day.

No Batman for the Bronx, just the Burger King. The Bronx didn't ask for his help, but it would seem that they're getting it anyway.

Give thanks to his flame-broiled highness, and welcome to 2020. 

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