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WIRE Buzz: Joker goes to Toronto Film Festival, 'Every Time I Die' drops trailer, more

By Jacob Oller
Joker TIFF

Today’s WIRE Buzz is still basking in the afterglow of San Diego Comic-Con, but that massive Marvel parade isn't the only thing making waves: Now, we've also got the Clown Prince of Crime.

Yes, Joker is heading to its first confirmed film festival. The Toronto International Film Festival has announced its slate, and one of its first offerings is director Todd Phillips' take on Batman’s greatest foe. Joker will have its North American debut at the fest, which runs from Sept. 5 - 15, as one of its Gala Presentations. 

Some sources say that Joaquin Phoenix will transform into the DC character ahead of this premiere in Venice, at the city’s film festival, which would be the film’s true world premiere, but that information won’t be set in stone until later this week when that fest reveals its slate. All that’s apparent now is that those behind Joker truly think they’ve got some awards-ready material on their hands — and they’re ready to bring it to the critics of the world.

As for the theater-going public, they’ll have to wait until Oct. 4 to see Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, and more accompany the prestige comic adaptation.

Next, another genre project from a top creator is preparing to help launch a new way to watch. Deadline reports that Quibi, the shorts-based streaming service that’s already landed the likes of Guillermo del Toro and Steven Spielberg, has scored sci-fi thriller Transmissions. This comes from Jed Mercurio, whose last project (British series Bodyguard) hit lots of highs and helped star Richard Madden move away from his Game of Thrones persona.

Transmissions will be a show starring a single scientist on the edge of civilization, who makes contact with... something out in space. The show is set at a remote radio observatory where a lone scientist begins receiving eerie signals from deep space. Not much else is known about the upcoming project, though Mercurio has been joking recently about getting to flex more of his complex writing.

A supernatural thriller has a new trailer out. Every Time I Die — a film (not the hardcore band of the same name) about a murdered, body-hopping spirit out to protect his friends — stars Drew Fonteiro, Marc Menchaca, Michelle Macedo, Tyler Dash White, and Melissa Macedo, while Robi Michael directs the metaphysical madness. No, really, just try to make sense of the film’s trippy trailer:

OK, so there’s blackouts, memory loss, and wait — also a ghost that keeps possessing people? Get the string and corkboard ready for this one, because you’ll definitely need it when Every Time I Die hits theaters and VOD on Aug. 9.

Finally, a sci-fi animator has landed his first feature film. Alberto Mielgo, who has worked on robot-filled things like Tron: Uprising and Love, Death & Robots, has secured a deal with Stampede to create a so-far-untitled film. Deadline reports that the original film will be written and directed by Mielgo, though the plot (like its title) is still very secretive.