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Jordan Peele explains the 'primal' fear of doppelgängers that inspired Us

Jordan Peele's Us doppelgangers

With Us, horror auteur Jordan Peele is offering up a black family’s story to the evil doppelgänger pantheon.

In the below interview with SYFY WIRE, Peele explains doppelgänger history in both the real world and in cinema. Quoting such classics as Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, he points out what it is that’s so terrifying about these look-a-likes and how our world has looked at the doppelgänger mythology for centuries.

Us, Peele’s next outing after 2017’s hit Get Out, tells the story of the Wilson family (played by Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, Evan Alex, and Shahadi Wright Joseph), as they are beset by a family of doppelgängers they believe are intent on taking them out one by one

Watch SYFY WIRE’s interview with Jordan Peele below. Us premieres in theaters on March 22.