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Jordan Peele has ideas for a potential sequel film within the 'Us-verse'

By James Comtois
Us Jordan Peele

As Us continues to crush it at the box office and scare the living hell out of its audience, it’s also leaving viewers with questions. And although Us star Lupita Nyong'o has said she’s not interested in returning for a sequel, director Jordan Peele has suggested that he could be swayed to return to the terrifying narrative universe he created with his sophomore film.

In an interview with Polygon, Peele said he could definitely be convinced to return to the “Us-verse” to tell another story.

“Sure! It’s a fun one,” said Peele of the world he created from the film. “There’s a lot going on there. The ‘Us-verse’ ... I like that.”

If indeed Peele does return for a sequel (how’s this for a possible title: Them?), this could answer some of the open questions about the world established in Us.

**SPOILER WARNING: plot details for Us below!**

After her family is hunted down and tortured by evil doppelgangers, Adelaide (Nyong'o) enters the house of mirrors on the beach near the Santa Cruz boardwalk where she first faced her double as a young girl. There, she finds a secret passage underground leading to a massive underground facility, where all the doppelgangers, called “The Tethered,” have been living (along with a bunch of bunnies).

The film gets into The Tethered’s plans to take over the world above them, but it doesn’t really get into who created them, who put them down in that massive underground facility, or why. (The film explains the bunnies…sort of.) 

Peele said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he had established an entire backstory for the film, including where The Tethered came from. And most of it never made it into the final cut of the film. 

"I have a pretty elaborate mythology and history of what's going on in this film. And of course, the dilemma that comes up is how much of that do you tell?" Peele told THR. "When there are questions left, and you know there is more to the story, your imagination is left to run wild."

So, yes; he could very well leave the film ambiguous and open to audience members’ interpretations. But if he were to return to his established “Us-verse,” Peele has a considerable amount of material to work with for a potential sequel to insure it wouldn’t just be a retread of the original film.

Just don't expect Nyong'o to be in it.