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Steph Curry says ‘Nope’ to Jordan Peele’s upcoming horror film in clever NBA playoff crossover

The NBA All-Star doesn’t miss many threes…but something sinister has Curry off his game.

By Benjamin Bullard
Nope Teaser Stephen Curry

Whatever horrifying thing awaits in Nope that’s hiding just out of sight above our heads, it’s scary enough to make even a two-time NBA MVP stay on the safe side of the court. In a trippy new teaser that might even be funny if we weren’t so primed for Jordan Peele’s next horror film to creep the devil out of us, none other than NBA ace Stephen Curry gets a terrible taste of the sinister supernatural forces set to plague the movie’s band of hapless rural residents.

The new teaser spot, made by Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions and Disney CreativeWorks in collaboration with FrameWork Studio and Universal Pictures, follows the Golden State all-star as he shoots baskets in an empty barn that feels straight out of the film’s eerie first trailer. But something dark disrupts Curry’s flow just as he shoots for an easy three-pointer: The wind kicks up and an ominous shadow passes overhead, prompting the playoffs-bound point guard to quickly assess the situation and let the ball roll out the door while he stays behind in safety muttering — what else? — “Nope.”

Check it out:

Curry, of course, isn’t in the film itself; he’ll be busy leading the Warriors into the NBA playoffs when the trailer makes its TV debut on ESPN and ABC as Golden State and the Denver Nuggets get ready for tip-off on Saturday, April 16. The spot was conceived by Peele and the film's creative team as an homage to the same scary tone struck by the movie's first trailer, which finds a mysterious force sweeping over the bucolic grounds of Haywood Ranch, the only Black-owned horse-training business in Hollywood.

Curry’s Nope teaser will first air during the Warriors/Nuggets pre-game show, NBA Countdown, between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. ET.

Considering this is the third one-word scary story from an Oscar-winning director (and all the hype that comes with anticipating Peele’s next horror hit), Nope has kept its secrets remarkably close to the vest as the movie inches closer to its summer premiere. The ranch’s owners (played by Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya) are visited by an “uncanny and chilling discovery” along with everyone else in the ranch’s small California gulch town, as some unseen power that rides in with the wind makes the lights go out and has everyone generally agreeing that it’s insane to venture outside.

Written and directed by Peele and produced by Ian Cooper (UsCandyman), Nope brings Peele back for a reunion with Get Out Oscar winner Kaluuya (Judas and the Black Messiah) and Palmer (HustlersAlice), alongside costars Steven Yeun (MinariOkja), Michael Wincott (HitchcockWestworld), and Brandon Perea (The OAAmerican Insurrection).

Watch for Curry’s rare three-point miss when the teaser goes live this weekend, and then batten down for the main event when Universal Pictures’ Nope blows into theaters everywhere beginning July 22.