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Josh Williamson chips away at Batman/Superman and teases a supervillain war

By Mike Avila

Although Josh Williamson is one of DC's up-and-coming writers, it hasn't been an easy road to land his dream projects. Williamson guided The Flash's monthly series after establishing himself with his creator-owned comics Nailbiter and Ghosted. However, landing DC's greatest superheroes required some patience and perseverance.

"About two years ago, [DC was] like, 'What do you want to do?'" recalled Williamson. "I was like, 'Batman and Superman, come on!' It was like, 'Uh, no, no. Not yet, not yet.' Then about a year and a half ago, it came up again and I was like, 'I want to do Batman and Superman. When is this gonna happen?' ‘Maybe next year.' I was finally starting to chip away, and then I was able to do it. Now I get to do it in this really big way, in this really big storyline."

Earlier this year, Williamson landed the new Batman/Superman ongoing series, which features the popular bad guy: The Batman Who Laughs. It also ties into DC's current event, Year of the Villain, as well as a new project coming up soon.

"We're doing a story in December," said Williamson. "It's a four-issue series that James Tynion is writing with [artist] Steve Epting, and it's called Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen. It takes all of these pieces we've been building since [Dark Nights: Metal], everything we've been building since No Justice, everything that's going on in Year of the Villain. It all collides in this story. What it really comes down to is Lex Luthor vs. the Batman Who Laughs. And the two of them have opposing ideas about what they want the DCU to be."

Additionally, Williamson told us about how he developed Nailbitter and how it started his relationship with his wife in the latest episode of Behind the Panel. Check it out!