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SYFY WIRE Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Stomping Back Into Theaters With Wild 3D Screenings For 30th Anniversary

It's the blockbuster that refuses to go extinct!

By Josh Weiss
Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum watch as Sam Neill hangs out of a Jurassic Park car

Anybody hear that? It's an impact tremor, is what it is. It's also the thudding sound of Universal's Jurassic Park stomping back into theaters for the movie's 30th anniversary (the Steven Spielberg-directed dinosaur classic officially celebrated the milestone back in June). Like the genetically-engineered attractions at the heart of its story, the iconic adaptation of the Michael Crichton novel refuses to go extinct.

Universal Pictures recently confirmed that the game-changing blockbuster will hit RealD 3D-equipped theaters across North America, starting Friday, Aug. 25, with early showings available the day before. The studio converted Jurassic Park to the 3D format a decade ago for the 20th anniversary re-release, which brought in an additional $45 million to a global cache of just over $1 billion.

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How to see Jurassic Park in theaters for its 30th anniversary?

Tickets for the 30th anniversary screenings are now on sale from all major vendors like Fandango and Atom.

"There’s truly no better way to see Jurassic Park than on the big screen," Jim Orr, president of domestic theatrical distribution for Universal Pictures, said in a statement. "The monumental impact it made back in 1993 stands as a true testament to Steven Spielberg’s unparalleled genius. Not only did it firmly secure its place as a timeless classic, but its energy and excitement remain as vibrant as ever. With this release in RealD 3D cinemas across the US and Canada, we’re thrilled to offer moviegoers the chance to rediscover this movie once again on a big screen."

"For audiences who have not experienced this beloved classic on the big screen in years, now is the chance to see the original Jurassic Park in 3D," added Sean Spencer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for RealD. "This is summertime event moviegoing the way it was meant to be seen."

The Jurassic Park and Jurassic World trilogies are currently available to purchase from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

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