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WarnerMedia's Justice League investigation concluded, 'remedial action' taken

By Justin Carter
Ray Fisher Cyborg Justice League Promo Still

WarnerMedia's investigation into the development of 2017's Justice League and director Joss Whedon has concluded. The investigation began after Cyborg actor Ray Fisher raised concerns over Whedon's onset conduct, as well as that of former Warner Bros. Co-President of Production Jon Berg and former DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. Whedon stepped in after the film's original director, Zack Snyder, left production following the death of his daughter. 

The corporation put out a statement (via Variety) earlier this evening saying, "WarnerMedia's investigation into the 'Justice League' movie has concluded, and remedial action has been taken."

At this time, it's unclear what exactly "remedial action" means.

In light of this news, Fisher tweeted the statement that he was sent by WarnerMedia, along with a statement of his own: “There are still conversations that need to be had and resolutions that need to be found...We are on our way."

In the case of the stated "remedial action," Fisher added that some of it has already been taken, while the rest will come later.

Earlier this year, Fisher accused Whedon of misconduct while shooting the film, saying the director's treatment of the cast and crew was "gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable." His words also indicated that Johns and Berg were also involved in the misconduct, including later allegations of racism. At the time, Berg had told Variety that the allegations were "categorically untrue." 

Fisher's initial statements, later backed up by Aquaman star Jason Momoa, led to the investigation by WarnerMedia. 

In November, Whedon stepped down from his HBO Max (WarnerMedia's streaming service) series, The Nevers. Though there haven't been any statements noting his departure is related, it did occur while the Justice League investigation was still ongoing. The writer/director noted one of the reasons for him stepping away from the long-in-development show was due to suffering from "genuine exhaustion."

At this time, Whedon, nor Johns or Berg, have spoken about the conclusion of the investigation.

Fisher will return as Cyborg in 2021 for Snyder's version of Justice League on HBO Max, where the director had him on set for a week to shoot additional scenes