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Justin Long is making his directorial debut after his trippy new movie hits theaters [Ep #117]

By Jordan Zakarin
Justin Long The Wave

This week, The Fandom Files podcast is joined by the actor, podcaster, and soon-to-be director Justin Long!

In a wide-ranging interview, Long and host Jordan Zakarin discuss a number of topics: Long's new movie, The Wave, in which he plays a bummed-out lawyer who goes on a science fiction-tinged drug trip through time and space; doing real drugs and the nature of reality; making Tusk with Kevin Smith (there is seriously a lot of Tusk talk in this interview, it's pretty erotic); his big break on Galaxy Quest; and his next project, The Lady of the Manor, a haunted-house buddy comedy that he's writing and directing with his brother.

Here's what Long says about the movie, which stars Melanie Lynskey and Judy Greer and begins production on Monday:

"It's about a woman, a slacker-stoner character, who gets a job as a tour guide in an antebellum manor in the South. She dresses up the lady who lived there, and the ghost of the woman whom she's portraying gets offended by how she's being portrayed. She's a proper Southern lady, and this crass stoner 'fornicator' is playing her. That's what brings them together, and it becomes an odd-couple comedy."

The conversation also goes to crucial places such as our privilege as straight white guys and what we need to learn and all the shaving cream Jordan left on his neck like an idiot that morning. Listen to the podcast above and watch an exclusive clip of The Wave below! The movie is now available on VOD and in limited theaters (click here for more).

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