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SYFY WIRE Thor: Love and Thunder

Kat Dennings doesn't think she's in Thor 4, but says Darcy fans ‘will be thrilled’ with WandaVision

By Vanessa Armstrong
Kat Dennings via Getty Images

Kat Dennings’ MCU character, Darcy Lewis, is in more than just one scene of the upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision, apparently much to her surprise.

“I almost thought it’d just be a scene or something, I didn’t realize what it was,” Dennings told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview. “Anyone who liked Darcy in the movies will be thrilled.”

Dennings couldn’t share much more about what Darcy is up to in WandaVision due to the likely thousands of NDAs she’s had to sign. “I’ll just say that I was thrilled and it was somewhat of a surprise what they planned for her,” she said before admitting she couldn’t share anything else, including if/how her character interacts with The Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), the headliners of the show.

One other thing she did share, however, is that it seems likely the show will drop sometime in December. “That’s what I’ve heard,” she said. “But I also don’t know anything…as far as I know they’re going to try to get it out this year.”


MCU fans will know that Dennings was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the first Thor movie, which begs the question: Will Darcy make an appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder?

“I don’t think I’m in it, I feel like I would have heard by now,” Dennings said with a laugh. “I have no idea, I have less of an idea than I did before.”

She was, however, very excited to see Natalie Portman playing a major role in the upcoming film, where she picks up Mjolnir herself to become Lady Thor. “I thought it was genius, the most genius thing I’ve ever heard,” Dennings said. “She’s just a rockstar actor. She can do anything, I’m just so excited. As a fan, I’m excited to watch it.”

Dennings isn’t the only one waiting for Love and Thunder or WandaVision. The good news, it looks like we may get one of them — WandaVision — on Disney+ before the year is out. Thor: Love and Thunder is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters Feb. 11, 2022.