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SYFY WIRE Bill & Ted Face the Music

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are still excellent friends in Bill & Ted Face the Music


On August 28, Bill & Ted Face the Music will finally hit theaters and digital outlets a mere 29 years after the last film, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. For a long time, a third Bill & Ted movie seemed like a remote possibility at best. It may never have even happened if Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves hadn't struck up a very real friendship while filming Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure over three decades ago.

"We clicked as friends kind of the first time we hung out," recalled Winter. "That happens in life very rarely, and we've remained really good friends. We have a very similar perspective. Keanu is a very smart fella, and I enjoy his intellect and the way he looks at the world. And we laugh our butts off."

"Since the beginning... I don't know if I share the sense of humor, and the way that we kind of look at existence," added Reeves. "That, coming through the craft of performing together... I think that mixture of humor and intelligence... I don't get that anywhere else."

According to Winter, it took a long time for he and Reeves to realize that they had unfinished business with Bill & Ted. But it wasn't until they were back on set that Winter truly felt the renewed connection with his cast members from the previous two films.

"It never struck me as something that we even wanted to do, much less were going to do," said Winter. "It wasn't until we found ourselves all on set... There's a day on set where we looked around in so many familiar faces from the original [film], it was a very heartwarming thing."

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