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Hell(blazing) yeah! 2005’s 'Constantine' getting a sequel, Keanu Reeves set as titular warlock

Reeves, as well as director Francis Lawrence and writer-producer Akiva Goldsman, have wanted to do a sequel for years.

By Vanessa Armstrong
A still from the film Constantine (2005) featuring Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves (The Matrix) and director Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games) haven’t been shy over the years about voicing their strong desire to do another Constantine film.

In the past, they’ve cited the difficulty in getting rights to the material. It looks like that hurdle has been cleared, however, and Deadline broke the news today that Warner Bros. has signed off on a sequel to the 2005 DC film  being directed by Lawrence and starring Reeves, with Akiva Goldsman attached to pen the script. Goldsman is also on board to produce via his Weed Road Pictures, as well as J.J. Abrams and Hannah Minghella via Bad Robot.

"I would love to play John Constantine again, from the Constantine film,” Reeves said back on The Colbert Show in December 2021.

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Lawrence, who made his directorial debut with the 2005 film, has also shared his fervent desire for Reeves to play John Constantine once again -- the snide occult detective/con-man/working-class warlock based on DC's Hellblazer comic book.

“I think we all wanted to do it. It was successful enough," the director said in an interview in July 2020. "We wanted to make a responsible, more R-rated movie. By responsible, I mean we’d make a movie that wouldn’t cost quite as much as the original, which we thought was going to be PG-13. We worked on the sequel for a while."

The movie sadly never happened in the years immediately after the first film, which garnered over $200 million worldwide. Maybe Reeves, Lawrence, and Goldsman opining publicly about their desire to make another film finally got to the right people at Warner Bros. 

This project is still in its early days, so no news yet on when the presumably R-rated sequel will make its way to a theater near you. In the meantime, you can check out the original Constantine on HBO Max and Netflix.

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