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Kelly Sue DeConnick talks Aquaman and makes a promise about Princess Andy

By Mike Avila

The tides have been wonderfully strange for Aquaman since writer Kelly Sue DeConnick took over the book. For a while Arthur didn't even know who he was following his death and resurrection. But the king of the seas has a new daughter, Andy, with his longtime love and queen of Atlantis, Mera. However, childbirth left Mera comatose... and someone recently kidnapped Princess Andy!

Comic book fans who know their history may recall that previous incarnations of Aquaman and Mera had a son named Arthur Jr., who was murdered by Black Manta. That's enough to make anyone worried about the safety of Princess Andy. Regardless, DeConnick insisted that she won't go that far during her run on the book ... though she couldn't promise that any writers who follow her will be held to her wishes.

"I would not hurt baby Andy!," exclaimed DeConnick. "I give you my word, nothing will happen to this child while I'm writing the book. I cannot speak to you what happens after I leave. I think they would be foolish [to hurt Andy] because I think there's some really great stuff we can do. I'm giving [DC] on a silver platter, a really cool thing they can do with this kid. But my word is my bond, I will not murder a child."

DeConnick also explained what makes Aquaman such a unique hero in her mind while favorably comparing him to Batman and Superman.

"I think [Aquaman is] an upward-facing character," explained DeConnick. "There's characters that are cynical and downward-facing. And there are characters who are bright and upward-facing. I don't think one is better than the other. It's yin and yang... but I think that Arthur is more like Superman than Batman. Arthur is buoyant, the water guy, visceral, and sensual, and fluid. We really wanted to emphasize that over the kingly stuff that had been emphasized previously."

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