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That Time Kevin Bacon Was Contractually Obligated To Demolish Real-Life Haunted House

The Hollow Man dishes on his "haunting" in Connecticut.

By Josh Weiss
Kevin Bacon wears black glasses and poses.

From Friday the 13th and Hollow Man to more recent offerings like You Should Have Left and Peacock's They/Them, Kevin Bacon's acting career is chock full of horror classics. So, it only stands to reason that the genre would catch up with him in real life sooner or later.

While appearing as a guest on the most recent episode of Literally! With Robe Lowe, Bacon recalled how he was once contractually obligated to demolish an allegedly haunted house on a parcel of Connecticut farmland he purchased in the early 1980s. The man who sold him the property was willing to part with the everything but the house, owing to the fact that he was afraid the new owner might "get possessed and do some serious damage."

According to the owner, the structure was allegedly inhabited by the spirit of "a Native American who, in the 1700s, had been murdered — I think — by a Colonial soldier. He had had ghostbusters there. I mean, it was a whole long thing."

You Should Have Left Kevin Bacon

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Bacon, however, didn't see much sense in buying the land without the house included in the deal and gradually chipped away at the seller's resolve. "We finally came to an agreement in the contract that I had to destroy it within a month or something like that," he recalled. Despite that promise, the actor still hoped to save "some beautiful old pine boards and a bannister" from the demonic dwelling. His wife, Kyra Sedgwick, thankfully talked him out of it. "She's like, 'No you're not! You're not putting those f—ing things in our house!'"

He went on to admit that people are always curious if he believes in ghosts or has experienced a true supernatural event after starring in so many scary movies over the decades. "The thing I always say is, 'I'd really love to, but as of yet, it just hasn't happened. But I hope someday that it will.'"

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