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Kevin Feige says Season 2 of Marvel's What If...? already in the works at Disney+

By Josh Weiss
Peggy Carter What If

Season 1 of What If...? won't premiere on Disney+ until the summer of 2021, but a second season of Marvel's upcoming anthology series is already in the works, according to MCU mastermind Kevin Feige.

"I'm very happy that we're doing a What If...? series for Disney+ right now. I've seen most of them. We have 10 for Season 1 and we're already working on the next 10 for Season 2," Feige, who was recently promoted to Marvel's chief creative officer, told Buzzfeed Brazil a few weeks ago during CCXP in São Paulo.

"We've revealed one that is very exciting that we've talked about for years, which is the one where Peggy Carter gets the super-soldier serum and becomes Captain Carter," he added. "That's the very first episode and I'm excited for people to see that. I'm excited to see the finished version of that, and I'm excited for the world to see it."

A collection of footage and concept artwork for What If...?'s debut episode can be seen in the "Expanding the Universe" docu-short that is currently streaming on Disney+. Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) will be hosting the show as Uatu the Watcher, offering viewers a glimpse at alternate outcomes within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During his chat with Brazil's Buzzfeed branch, Feige also took the time to tease Eternals, which hits theaters on Nov. 6, 2020. It is the third Marvel film to be directed by a woman, Chloé Zhao, after Captain Marvel and Black Widow.

“I love Jack Kirby, one of the amazing founders of the Marvel comics [and] one of the amazing visionaries [who] made Marvel Marvel. I love the cosmic side of it and love these great galaxy-expanding stories, and that’s very much what we’re playing into with Eternals," Feige explained. "At the same time, what [Kirby] did — and what makes Marvel Marvel — is it is both a huge cosmic story and a very human story … Chloé Zhao, our director, is doing something both very epic in scope, but very personal … And the cast that we have … [is] bringing a humanity to this gargantually epic story. Those are my favorite things and what makes Marvel Marvel.”

Eternals official logo

The movie features an all-star ensemble comprised of Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kit Harington, Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Don Lee, and Barry Keoghan. Just this week, Nanjiani blew up the internet by revealing how jacked he got for shooting the role of Kingo.