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SYFY WIRE Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Comic-Con@Home: Why Kevin Smith says Masters of the Universe: Revelation kept him 'sane' during the pandemic

By Josh Weiss
Masters of the Universe Revelation Skeletor

Kevin Smith most certainly had the power while moderating the Comic-Con@Home panel for Masters of the Universe: Revelation (now streaming on Netflix). While SDCC was forced to go virtual for the second year in a row due to COVID-19 concerns, the filmmaker voiced his hope that we all might be able to pack ourselves into Hall H next summer (the massive auditorium at the San Diego Convention Center is usually reserved for only the biggest panels and announcements).

"I know in this business people are like, 'I love you, baby!' But sincerely, I love all of you," Smith told the gathered cast members of Chris Wood (He-Man), Tiffany Smith (Andra), Tony Todd (Scare Glow), and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Teela). "I've watched this show incessantly. During the pandemic, this is what kept me sane and your performances are embedded in my memory."

"The show really is a love letter to fans of the original show," Wood added. "It's dripping with nostalgia and just even reading the scripts, it just felt like, 'Ok, this is tapping into that same energy.' Masters was so unabashedly what it was — even back in the original version. You guys just took that and raised the stakes and took the characters that didn't have resolved storylines and fleshed them out. The world just feels more complete, but it is still, at its core, that same thing."

Check out the full panel right here.

The panel also featured a short interview with the legendary Mark Hamill, who discussed his approach to voicing Skeletor: "I wanted to find the highs and lows. Obviously, he's Skeletor, so I approached him in a very guttural way."

When the script called for the villain to gloat, however, Hamill kept referring back to Tallulah Bankhead, an actress from Golden Age Hollywood famous for her throaty way of speaking. "You picked up on that," he told Smith. "You would find lines and say, 'I think we can go Tallu on that one."

The first five episodes of Masters of the Universe: Revelation — aka Part 1 — are now streaming on Netflix worldwide. Viewers can also check out a 25-minute postmortem special co-hosted by Kevin Smith, Tiffany Smith, and VP of Content Creative at Mattel Television, Rob David.

"Let Netflix know that you like it because if we can, we want to keep going and stuff," Kevin Smith said at the very end of the panel. "I'm trying not to spoil anything about the next part, but I will say this: all of these cats return [referring to Wood, Smith, Todd, and Gellar]. You'll see all these cats again in the next part of Masters of the Universe: Revelation when it drops in the future."

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