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SYFY WIRE Knock at the Cabin

'Knock at the Cabin' star says film raises 'deep and terrifying questions about truth versus belief'

Knock at the Cabin hits the big screen Friday, Feb. 3.

By Josh Weiss
Knock At The Cabin (2023)

With his upcoming thriller — Knock at the Cabin — director M. Night Shyamalan hopes to stimulate your mind as well as your adrenal glands. Recently chatting with SFX Magazine for the publication's February 2023 issue (on sale this Wednesday, Jan. 25), cast member Ben Aldridge described the project as "an extremely thought-provoking popcorn film."

The Pennyworth star plays the role of Andrew, a man just trying to enjoy a relaxing vacation in nature with his husband, Eric (Frozen's Jonathan Groff) and their adopted daughter, Wen (newcomer Kristen Cui). The getaway suddenly takes a sinister turn when four strangers show up at the cabin, claiming that the world will end unless the family willingly chooses to sacrifice one of their number.

Naturally, these apocalyptic tidings are met with abject skepticism and pushback by the parents, despite the fact that the home invaders (led by Dave Bautista's Leonard) seem to have actual proof of the terrible disasters that will befall humankind if a choice is not made.

"When I watched it I thought this is a blockbuster, but it's also asking deep and terrifying questions about truth versus belief," Aldridge continued. "Does believing in something make it real? It's about the state of world politics, the far-right and conspiracy groups, and the fact that none of us believes the same things. I think it plays upon all those things."

Based on Paul Tremblay's 2018 award-winning novel, The Cabin at the End of the World, the film was adapted for the screen by Shyamalan, Steve Desmond, and Michael Sherman. Shyamalan, who also served as a producer alongside Marc Bienstock (Old) and Ashwin Rajan (Wayward Pines), reaffirmed his commitment to the theatrical experience that took a major hit during the pandemic.

"If you released Home Alone today, it would still be a gigantic hit. If you released Back To The Future today, it'd be gigantic," he explained. "And I think the industry is starting to see this, after getting distracted by the streamers and the pandemic. There's nothing like it — a bunch of 500 strangers coming together to watch a story together, to not multitask and commit themselves. It's just a deeper experience."

Nikki Amuka-Bird (Old), Abby Quinn (Little Women), and Rupert Grint (Servant) round out the cast as Leonard's mysterious followers. Christos V. Konstantakopoulos (The Lobster), and Ashley Fox (Promising Young Woman) are executive producers.

Knock at the Cabin hits the big screen Friday, Feb. 3 by way of Universal Pictures.

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