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Krypton's Cameron Cuffe on the best Superman stories


Cameron Cuffe's favorite cartoon as a kid was Superman: The Animated Series. That might have been an indication that he'd play the Man of Steel's grandfather when he grew up.

"Do you have the courage to keep believing in that better tomorrow when it's just not there?" Cameron told SYFY WIRE when asked whether things ever get better for Seg-El. "Do you really believe that the sun will rise and it will be a good day?"

Cuffe didn't spoil too much, but he was able to say that at certain points in this season, those beliefs he mentioned are going to be seriously challenged. You're going to have to get your imagination in overactive mode to dream up the rest.

The actor isn't just a Superman superfan, but even a fan of a character in his own series. Lobo is big, brutal, badass and might make you think of an orc mashed up with Gene Simmons. Cuffe thinks he's wild and scary and "comic book to the core" — which fits right into a season that was about really getting into Krypton's comic book roots.

When Cuffe saw Emmet J. Scanlan in character, he knew Scanlan was the right guy for the character, and really the only guy who could possibly morph into this humanoid beast. He even admitted that he thinks his co-star is "a little bit sexy, which is weird, but come on, with blazing red eyes and a six-pack (plus an insatiable desire to take down Brainiac), how could you go wrong?

Cuffe also lets us in on some things most Krypton fans don't know about Season 2, such as the fact that the scenes with Seg, Adam, Lobo and Braniac in the woods were actually shot first. Also, that moment when Seg gives in to intense grief was actually inspired by the Superman comic Infinite Crisis, in which Superman mourns the death of Supergirl.

Want to know what Cuffe would describe this season as if he only had one word? You have to watch the video to find out!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.