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SYFY WIRE The Hunger Games

Did Lady Gaga’s inauguration brooch evoke The Hunger Games' mockingjay pin?

By Vanessa Armstrong
Lady Gaga, President Biden and Dr. Biden

Lady Gaga did a much-ballyhooed job singing the National Anthem at Joe Biden's 46th Presidential inauguration today, but what got Twitter really reacting was her brooch, which tweeters compared to a very (very) oversized image of the mockingjay from The Hunger Games.

Sure, there were those out there that aimed to steer the Twitter masses away from the mockingjay, suggesting that the brooch was a (very large) dove and meant to symbolize peace. Those people are probably right (Lady Gaga tweeted as much, in fact)! But perhaps those people aren't fans of dystopic YA novels turned into blockbuster movie franchises.

Luckily, however, many others raised three fingers in salute before tweeting about the similarities. Even The Hunger Games’ official Twitter account got in on the commentary:

The Hunger Games official Twitter account seems to know of what it's tweeting about, as a closer inspection of Lady Gaga’s brooch compared to the logo you see below is pretty uncanny:

Hunger Games Mockingjay

Other viewers of the inauguration made the connection almost immediately:

In addition to mockingjay references, some viewers expressed their appreciation of Gaga in other ways, specifically how it wasn’t fair how some people got to see Lady Gaga live, even though they are perhaps not big fans:

Lady Gaga singing at inauguration

Whether the brooch is an intentional nod to The Hunger Games or not, however, isn’t really what matters. What matters is that Lady Gaga not only gave a memorable performance, but that she also gave the internet something somewhat silly to speculate about.

In these times, that’s not nothing, and we appreciate it.