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SYFY WIRE DC's Legends of Tomorrow

7 things to remember ahead of Legends of Tomorrow’s time-twisting Season 6 return

By Trent Moore

Though most of the Arrowverse shows have already returned to the schedule in the wake of the pandemic that stalled production on pretty much everything, The CW’s wildest superhero show has remained on the midseason bench — until now.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is finally returning on May 2, and as the ensemble adventure series heads into its sixth season (with a seventh season already on the way after that), you might be calling up your own Gideon supercomputer to try and remember all the moving pieces and cliffhangers left dangling when Season 5 ended last year.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow | Season 6 Trailer | The CW

Since then, it’s been almost a full year since the show was on the air.

From alien abductions to cast shake-ups, love connections, and more — here are the key plot points to recall before you jump into the Season 6 premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, airing Sunday, May 2, on The CW.

Legends of Tomorrow Sara Lance Season 6

01. Sara was abducted by aliens

Considering it happened in literally the final minute of the Season 5 finale, you might be forgiven for forgetting this little twist — but it remains important. The new season looks to pick up with the fallout of that alien abduction, with Sara missing and the rest of the team trying to piece together what happened and — of course — get her back. The sneak peeks we’ve seen of the new season show Sara trying to escape a mysterious alien ship, so that plot point looks to drive things at least early on in Year 6.

Plus, with Sara not available, it likely falls to Ava to try and keep the Legends in line. Good luck!

Legends of Tomorrow Charlie

02. Charlie is gone

A rotating cast is nothing new for this series, which bears little resemblance to the original Waverider crew that first set flight back in Season 1 — but you might’ve forgotten one long-time hero made her exit at the end of Season 5. The shapeshifter Charlie, played by veteran cast member Maisie Richardson-Sellers, left the team to pursue a more normal life and rock stardom. Of course, Richardson-Sellers started the series playing Amaya, and stuck around after Charlie took on her image (basically, *hand wave*, comic books). But this time, it seems she’s likely gone for good.

Legends of Tomorrow Zari

03. Zari has made peace with her OG timeline self

A big plot point last year dealt with an alteration to the timeline that found team member Zari (Tala Ashe) dramatically changed when the future she came from was “saved” and turned into a fairly nice future, as opposed to an apocalypse. That change meant her brother Behrad (Shayan Sobhian) was now a member of the Legends, and Zari went from punk survivor to a flashy social media influencer.

But last season we learned that “OG timeline” version of Zari was still around, just trapped in the totem that gives her powers. She had a chance to say goodbye to the team, and the “new” version of Zari stuck around — but we did get some closure for the original version from that first timeline.

Legends of Tomorrow Astra

04. Astra is hanging around

Though it looked like Astra’s (Olivia Swann) story was coming to an end after Constantine (Matt Ryan) managed to save her and get his own soul coin back in the process, Astra will be sticking around. We don’t exactly know what role she’ll play with the Legends this year, but word broke during the off season that Swann had joined the show as a series regular, so look for her expertise from all those years in hell to come in handy, somehow.

Hey, after kicking with the Legends in the back half of Season 5, who could go back to just a regular ol’ life after that?

Constantine Legends of Tomorrow

05. Zari and Constantine... love connection?

The series has a long history of mixed-up love connections and relationships, and that tried and true zaniness looks to keep on rolling in Season 6. Last year, a major triangle was between Zari, Nate (who had a relationship with OG Zari), and Constantine (who has a flirty connection with new Zari). Not surprisingly, that “will they, won’t they” will almost certainly continue to play out in Season 6. Hey, it’s not a season of Legends without some shipping twists and turns.

Legends of Tomorrow alien poster

06. Time-displaced aliens are the big bad this year

If you thought Sara’s alien abduction was a red herring, think again. Aliens look to be the big bad this season, as the producers (and trailers) have teased that Season 6 will find the team scouring the timeline to try and find aliens embedded throughout history and causing all kinds of trouble. It’s par for the course for the Legends to scour the timeline to set right the wrongs in the time stream, only this time it’s a rogue element of extraterrestrials causing all the problems.

Legends of Tomorrow Mick Rory

07. Mick Rory could be on his way out

One surprise that came up on social media in recent weeks was news from longtime Legends star Dominic Purcell, who plays Heat Wave/Mick Rory, saying he had quit the show. That post has apparently since been deleted, and no further clarification was ever released. But… it stands to reason this season could feature Rory’s exit at some point, if an agreement to keep him around isn’t reached.