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Impressive! LEGO sets Guinness Record for biggest Stormtrooper army

By Jacob Oller
Lego Guinness world record helmet

Star Wars Celebration had trailer reveals and title announcements — as well as more cosplay than you could shake a lightsaber at — so why not use the opportunity to break a Star Wars record?

That's what LEGO asked, as the toy company with a long-running connection to the galaxy far, far away geared up to set a Guinness World Record for the largest display of LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper figures.

The company was already hosting a panel celebrating its two-decade partnership with the franchise, but as an added bonus to fans wandering the Jedi-filled halls in Chicago, LEGO built a 20' x 20’ Stormtrooper helmet made entirely of individual Stormtrooper minifigs. This gigantic display took 12 people 38 hours to complete and counted so many of the soldiers (36,440, to be exact) that it set a record for its sheer scale, beating out the previous record of 35,210.

LEGO Stormtrooper build at Star Wars Celebration

LEGO Stormtrooper build at Star Wars Celebration

Awesome. Unfortunately, fans can't purchase a set including this many in order to construct their own armies, but there are plenty of new Star Wars sets coming this year from LEGO while fans wait for the Skywalker saga to end with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

LEGO Stormtrooper build at Star Wars Celebration

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