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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

LEGO reveals new speeders in fresh Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker set

By Brian Silliman
LEGO Star Wars speeder set (The Rise of Skywalker)

The Triple Force Friday previews continue! Not only has there been the live-streaming event and the special Hasbro showcase, but LEGO is getting in on the action as well. LEGO and Star Wars are tucked up cozier than a midi-chlorian nestled in Chewbacca's fur, and that is not going to change when it comes to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

In the first teaser for the film, we saw glimpses of a speeder chase taking place on the desert planet of Pasaana. We got fleeting looks at some new speeders, but now we can see it all in more detail (at least in LEGO brick form), courtesy of LEGO's Pasaana Speeder Chase set, which we have new information about thanks to an official LEGO press release.

LEGO Pasaana Chase (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker)

First, and perhaps most importantly, there are the minifigs. On the hero side, you'll get Rey and BB-8, so we're all good there. On the side of evil, there's a minifig of a "First Order Treadspeeder Driver" as well as a "First Order Jet Trooper." Both are notable, as we've yet to see a stormtrooper of any variety use a jetpack in live-action. 

Also never before seen? The "treadspeeder" that the other trooper is driving. It looks like a speeder (or a swoop) at first glance, but when you look closer you can definitely see the "treads" underneath. This is a new kind of speeder that we haven't seen before — leave it to the awful First Order to finally come up with a halfway original design just in time for their final movie.

LEGO Star Wars speeder set (The Rise of Skywalker)

Also of interest is the speeder that Rey is fighting on, which looks like a cross between a Hutt-skiff and something out of a pod race. In the trailer, we really only saw Poe (and C-3PO?) speeding along on this thing, if in fact it's the same one. Though these sets are never a guarantee for what we'll see in the finished film, the potential for Rey sparking up that Skywalker legacy lightsaber on the back of it has us excited.

LEGO will also have you covered with a new Millennium Falcon set, Kylo Ren's shuttle, and the AT-ST Raider from The Mandalorian. Look for all of them to hit the shelves for the first time on Triple Force Friday, Oct. 4. 

In the meantime, how's about a round of applause for the First Order's bold innovations in the field of speeding vehicles?