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SYFY WIRE Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio producing series adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s final novel 'Island'

By Jacob Oller
Leonardo DiCaprio Getty

Brave New World is on its way for the work of author Aldous Huxley, whose final novel Island is getting a series adaptation spearheaded by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. After an adapatation of Huxley's dystopian satire Brave New World helped launch NBCU streamer Peacock, this new series looks to go in a decidedly utopian direction.

According to Variety, the series is heading into development at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way and In Good Company Films.

There, DiCaprio will executive produce the series, which looks to turn Huxley's last book (published a year before his death in 1963) into a version of the world many don't associate with the author. After making waves with his soma-fueled, orgy-laden dystopia of complacency and control, Huxley imagined an island of intense social bonds, responsible drug and sex practices, and New Age philosophy. Fans experienced this new society through the lens of a shipwrecked author— a viewpoint easily translatable to the screen.

The show doesn't yet have a distribution home or production schedule, as development has just begun on the project. However, as Huxley's work has recently entered back into the televised pop culture conversation, this property is likely seen as a high-priority piece of sci-fi for the near future.

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