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WIRE Buzz: Little Monsters bleeds out trailer, drop date; Into the Dark teases Halloween episode; more

By Christian Long
Little Monsters Lupita Nyong'o

Little Monsters is finally invading the U.S. 

Director Abe Forsythe's horror/comedy premiered at Sundance back in January, where it was acquired by Hulu and Neon Studios. Since then, its made the rounds at both SXSW and Fantasia Fest, and will finally be available to stream stateside on Hulu starting Oct. 11. It will also have a special one-night theatrical event on Oct. 8, which will be followed by a livestream Q&A with Forsythe and stars Lupita Nyong'o and Alexander England. 

Nyong'o, who learned to play the ukulele for the role, stars as Miss Caroline, a pre-school teacher in Australia who has to keep her classroom full of kids safe and oblivious to the zombie apocalypse unfolding around them. England co-stars as a washed-up musician along for the ride, with Josh Gad rounding out the cast as a malevolent kids' show host. 

The film, which continues the tradition of goofball/gross-out zom-coms like Shaun of the Dead, also released a trio of new character posters to commemorate all the big news. 

If you wanna see the film on the big screen, you can go to the official Little Monsters website for more information. Otherwise, it'll be available to watch on Hulu anytime starting Oct. 11. 

(via Neon)

Speaking of Hulu's streaming library, Into the Dark is back for another year's worth of scares, and has a trailer to prove it... well at least to prove a month's worth.

The Blumhouse anthology series releases one movie-length installment every month, which is thematically linked to that month's holiday. So, October gets a Halloween episode, December gets a Christmas episode, and April gets an absolutely terrifying vision of April Fools' Day

It was just announced last month that Into the Dark would be back for another season, and now it's given us the first glimpse of the perfect for Halloween-time episode, "Uncanny Annie."

The teaser finds a group of friends who, while hanging out in what's obviously a murder house, find Annie's "box of fun," which leads them into a deadly game where they start to question what reality they're even in. 

"Uncanny Annie" will kick off an all-new calendar's worth of Into the Dark episodes starting Oct. 4 on Hulu. 

(via Nerdist)

Finally, Sonic the Hedgehog might be getting a big-screen makeover, but he's still ready for more mobile gaming. 

SEGA just announced an all-new mobile title, Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. This will be a different title than the console title that SEGA and Nintendo are working on, as this will be designed from the ground up to adapt to the mobile format. This means that certain events will be playable in new ways, and it will boast a bunch of exclusive features — including online competitions. 

Details are scarce beyond that, but it is known that Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will have a release date conveniently in the year 2020. 

(via Bleeding Cool)