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SYFY WIRE How to Train Your Dragon

Live-Action How to Train Your Dragon Takes Flight As Filming Begins; Final Cast Members Announced

The flesh and blood Riders of Berk are one step closer to soaring on the big screen.

By Josh Weiss

Universal Pictures' live-action remake of How to Train Your Dragon is one step closer to soaring on the big screen. Posting on his Instagram account earlier this week, writer/director/producer Dean DeBlois (who helmed and co-wrote the original animated film with Chris Sanders before going solo on the franchise's three sequels) announced that production has officially begun on the fiery project — currently slated to hit theaters next year.

In fact, DeBlois just declared the first week of shooting to be a "rousing success," while simultaneously showing off his best Viking game face (a sword and shield straight out of Berk also made an appearance). "The shots are breathtaking, our crew is top notch, and our cast is amazing!" the filmmaker continued. "Wait ‘til you see them in action — trust me, they’re FANTASTIC!"

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The Black Phone's Mason Thames will lead the epic fantasy-adventure as Hiccup (voiced in the animated series by Jay Baruchel), a timid, yet good-hearted Viking boy who befriends a dragon — thus ending years of violence between his people and the winged, fire-breathing creatures. Gerard Butler (reprising Hiccup's father and Berk leader, Stoick the Vast), Nico Parker (Hiccup's love interest, Astrid; taking over for America Ferrera), and Nick Frost (Stoick's right-hand man, Gobber the Belch; taking over for Craig Ferguson) are set to co-star.

Live-Action How to Train Your Dragon Director Celebrates First Week of Filming

Live-Action How to Train Your Dragon Fills Out Cast

Just this week, Variety brought word that the film has filled out its cast with Deadpool 2's Julian Dennison as Fishlegs (originally voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse); Bodies' Gabriel Howell as Snoutlout (originally voiced by Jonah Hill); Wicked's Bronwyn James as Ruffnut (originally voiced by Kristen Wiig); and The Bubble's Harry Trevaldwyn as Tuffnut (originally voiced by T.J. Miller).

Marc Platt (La La Land) is producing the remake alongside DeBlois and Adam Siegel.

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When Will the Live-Action How to Train Your Dragon Movie Be Released?

As of this writing, Universal plans to release the live-action How to Train Your Dragon movie on June 13, 2025 — about a week before The Black Phone 2, which, coincidentally, also stars Mason Thames. Click here for more details on the studio's theatrical schedule.

Go back to where it all began — How to Train Your Dragon is now streaming on Peacock.