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The Black Phone 2 Calls Up OG Cast Members, Including Ethan Hawke - But How?!

Ethan Hawke, Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, and the rest of The Black Phone ensemble are answering the call...

By Josh Weiss
The Grabber (Ethan Hawke) holds a black top hat on his head while wearing all black with a red undershirt in The Black Phone (2021).

The original Black Phone cast members are officially answering the call from Universal Pictures and Blumhouse. Deadline brings word that the main actors of the first movie are all on board to star in the upcoming sequel (slated for a summer 2025 release date). Announced in late October of this year, the sophomore installment intends to kick off "a sinister new franchise."

If you'd like to catch up on the story thus far, The Black Phone is currently streaming on Peacock. Based on a short story of the same name by Joe Hill, the horror flick centers around a supernatural telephone that allows a teenage boy to commune with the spirits of murdered children, who help him escape the clutches of a homicidal maniac.

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The Black Phone sequel taps original cast members

Mason Thames will reprise the role of The Grabber's only surviving hostage, Finney Shaw, while Madeleine McGraw returns to portray the boy's clairvoyant little sister, Gwen. Jeremy Davies is back as Finney and Gwen's abusive and alcoholic father, Terrence, with Miguel Mora renewing his tenure as Grabber victim Robin, whose restless spirit aids Finney in his quest to defeat the killer.

Most surprising of all is the return of Ethan Hawke, despite the fact that his sadistic killer came down with a bad case of broken neck (snapped by the very cord of the titular phone) during the final confrontation. Of course, hauntings are established to be a real thing in The Black Phone universe, making it possible for The Grabber to terrorize fresh targets from beyond the grave.

If we had to guess, though, we'd say he'll probably appear via PTSD hallucinations suffered by the traumatized Finney. Perhaps it's some combination of both scenarios? It would actually be pretty cool to see Finney working with The Grabber's ghost to catch a new killer — à la Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter.

Scott Derrickson, who directed and co-wrote the 2021 original, will pen the sequel alongside his usual writing partner, C. Robert Cargill (the duo are also producers with Jason Blum). However, it is unclear at this time if Derrickson will step back into the director's chair.

When will The Black Phone 2 be released into theaters?

The Black Phone 2 is currently scheduled for a wide theatrical rollout on June 27, 2025.

The Black Phone is now streaming on Peacock.