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SYFY WIRE The Lost Boys

Lost Boys found! Corey Feldman & Jamison Newlander reunite for music video cameo

By Brian Silliman
Lost Boys Music Video by Ekoh

Let's say you have a song called "Lost Boys," and you want to create the perfect music video for it just in time for Halloween. What would really put it over the top? Cameos would help, but who are you gonna call? Edgar and Allen Frog from The Lost Boys movies would certainly help to put things properly over the top — but could that actually be possible? Dare we even dream? 

Dare to dream, and dare to believe. Not only has hip hop artist Ekoh created a music video for his "Lost Boys" song, he has crafted one that actually features not one, but two of the Frog boys. Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander are back, so everybody please rise. 

Of course, the pair first appeared in the original, saxophone-sensational The Lost Boys in 1987. Then Feldman reprised his role in Lost Boys: The Tribe in 2008. Jamison had his scenes deleted in that one, but all was made right with Lost Boys: The Thirst in 2010, where Edgar and Alan Frog shared the screen once more. 

The new music video was written, directed, and edited by Ekoh (real name Jeff Thompson), and he talked to Bloody Disgusting about how he landed the cameos. 

“I started writing the storyline for the video and re-watching the film, when I had a crazy thought," Ekoh told them. "What if I could get Corey Feldman to make an appearance?”

Easier said than done, and Ekoh admitted that such endeavors can resemble tilting at vampire windmills. However, he was not deterred. "I reached out to Corey via social media fully expecting never to hear back..." he said, "...but, a week later I did. Corey loved the idea of a cameo and it was actually his idea to bring Jamison on board. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic. I wrote out a script, which Corey and Jamison both added their own flavor to.”

Experience such vampiric, dream-like flavor right here for yourself: 

As Ekoh said, this is a video which "will evoke nostalgia for all Lost Boys fans and is a dream come true for ten-year-old me.”

Not only is it a dream for young Ekoh, it is a dream come true for Lost Boys fans everywhere. We could potentially (in the anything-can-happen sense of the word) be looking at a Lost Boys renaissance here...and we're not just talking about the attempted TV pilot. This video alone could kick off a whole new wave of mullet-vampire-saxophone-Feldman hysteria, and Hollywood in 2019 might take one look at this and greenlight a sidequel Lost Boys shared cinematic universe that could comprise at least 15 films, starring Feldman and Newlander, and... let's say...Will Smith...because why not. 

Enjoy the reunion of Edgar and Alan, though we feel that we should warn you. When a vampire bites it, it's never a pretty sight. No two bloodsuckers go the same way.