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WIRE Buzz: Lost Boys pilot gets its Frog Sisters, Rebecca Hall leads Amazon sci-fi series

By James Comtois

SYFY WIRE has got the latest buzz on The Lost Boys pilot, Amazon’s Tales from the Loop, SYFY’s (Future) Cult Classic, and MPI’s Dark Shadows doc. 

First up, it’s time to cue that saxophone riff, because we still believe. That upcoming pilot for The Lost Boys series for The CW has just cast its Frog Sisters! Deadline is reporting and the network is confirming that Sarah Hay, Cheyenne Haynes (pictured above), and Haley Tju have joined the cast as Mollie, Liza Frog, and Cassie Frog, respectively. 

Originally two brothers played by Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander in the 1987 movie by Joel Schumacher, the Frog Siblings are the local experts on all things vampire. In the upcoming series, the Frog Sisters are sharp, cool, and lightly Goth teenage locals who work at Santa Carla’s comic book store. And until Sam arrives in town, they think they’re the only ones aware of the... let’s just call it darkness... in the area.

Meanwhile, having been turned into a vampire by David, Mollie has become her maker's rival for leadership of the vampire gang. She travels in a small pack with her eternally 8-year-old son, Laddie, and a guardian, Hiram, who's there to make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble.

The Lost Boys centers on brothers Michael and Sam Emerson, who move to Santa Carla with their mother, Lucy, in the hopes of starting anew after the death of their father. But the brothers soon discover that in addition to Santa Carla being home to a beautiful boardwalk and all the cotton candy you can eat, it’s also home to a secret underworld of vampires.


Meanwhile, Deadline reports that Amazon’s hourlong series based on the sci-fi art of Simon Stalenhag has landed one of its leads. Rebecca Hall (Vicky Christina Barcelona) will star in Tales From the Loop as a physicist named Loretta.

Tales from the Loop explores stories about the lives of people who reside in a town above a machine known as “The Loop,” which makes the impossible possible.

The pilot is written by Nathaniel Halpern and directed Mark Romanek, both of whom will be executive producers.

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Up next, Justin Bartha and Geoffrey Owens are joining the cast for the pilot for (Future) Cult Classic, a futuristic slasher/comedy for SYFY.

The dark comedy is set 18 years in the future and centers on a group of teens whose community is rocked by a 1990s slasher-movie obsessed serial killer. When the teens realize they’re the killer’s next targets, they take matters into their own hands and track down the murderer before it’s too late.

The Scream-esque (Scream-ish?) series follows "final girl" Bree (Emily Alyn Lind) and fellow classmates Andy (Jacob McCarthy), Henry (Cayden Boyd), Peyton (Da'Vinchi), and Mila (Zoe Renee).

Bartha plays Bree’s father, Jeff, a once successful true-crime novelist whose career has dried up now that murder has been virtually eradicated. 

Owens, meanwhile, plays Detective Moscovitz, an old-school cop who finds himself out of his element in a tech-based society. Though a bit rusty (again, not a lot of murder to investigate in a murder-free society), his instincts return when an old-school string of murders rocks the community.

Tim Kirkby (Veep) will executive-produce and direct a pilot written by Shay Hatten (Ballerina).

And finally, MPI Media Group has released the trailer for Master of Dark Shadows, the documentary on the classic vampire-themed soap opera Dark Shadows.

Directed by David Gregory and narrated by Ian McShane (American Gods), Master of Dark Shadows explores the impact of the ground-breaking Gothic drama with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews exploring the talents of creator-producer-director Dan Curtis.

Dark Shadows was adapted into a comedy film by Tim Burton in 2012 starring Johnny Depp, but many noted that it didn't quite capture the mood or feel of the series. 

Master of Dark Shadows will be released April 16.