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SYFY WIRE Lost in Space

Lost in Space finds the Robot and a ton of aliens in final Season 2 trailer

By Jacob Oller
Lost in Space season 2

After dropping a moving trailer at New York Comic Con (made even more moving with its Christmas release date), Netflix’s Lost in Space series is back to tug on fans’ collective heartstrings for the latest exploits of the intrepid family Robinson. Showrunner Zack Estrin has jettisoned the crew of the Jupiter 2 into a search for their missing Robot, but the space colonists are going to run into way, way more sci-fi weirdness on their journey — especially considering all that’s shown in the second season’s final trailer.

The trailer features new planets, crawling robots, and even an alien version of that wildebeest stampede from The Lion King. Basically, the galaxy is a dangerous place.

Take a look:

Lost in Space Season 2 | Final Official Trailer | Netflix

“Help Will Robinson,” the robot groans. Poor guy. But at least he’s alive, though seemingly in captivity. As for the rest of the season, that luck (being alive) might not apply to everyone if the crazy special effects — explosions, a robot army, sandstorms, a massive waterfall — have their way with the human crew.

"Season 2 is about growing up. It's coming of age." It'll also feature a few more familiar faces from the original series, Estrin teased at their NYCC panel.

As stars Toby Stephens, Sibongile Mlambo, Molly Parker, Maxwell Jenkins, Mina Sundwall, Taylor Russell, Ignacio Serricchio, and Parker Posey head “through the looking glass,” as the first trailer teases, they’ll be joined by newcomer JJ Feild. Feild’s AI-expert character only portends spooky things for the mechanical future of the show, which only seems to ramp up its danger factor in this final trailer.

Remember danger, Will Robinson?

Lost in Space flies back to Netflix on Dec. 24.