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5 questions we have for Lucifer Season 5

By Caitlin Busch

As satisfying an addition Season 4 was to the Lucifer mythos, the season finale, "Who's da New King of Hell?” left fans with one hell of a cliffhanger.

Lucifer, King of Hell, has taken his throne back in order to save his first true love, Detective Chloe Decker, and the rest of humanity from an apocalyptic prophecy. We end the season with Tom Ellis’ titular character reluctantly but resolutely looking out over his reclaimed kingdom.

Which has us wondering: Now that Lucifer is back where he started, where do we go from here?

Season 5 will be Lucifer’s final season. The show was originally canceled by Fox after three seasons, only to be scooped up by Netflix for Season 4. With the show’s ending confirmed (presumably on the creators’ terms), though, that means Lucifer has one more season to wrap it all up. Here are five burning questions we hope will be answered in Lucifer Season 5.

Lucifer in Hell

01. How will Hell change?

The King of Hell has reascended the throne. But this is a very different devil from the one who left all those years ago. Lucifer’s still the impish little hellion they all know, love, and fear — but he understands his own struggles better than ever and has an understanding of and love for humans.

As we all know, Lucifer’s time on Earth changed him. He has, like, empathy now. He has positive relationships. He knows that he hates himself, and will probably try (we hope) to work on that.

Now, none of this is to say Hell will start hosting weekly therapy sessions for all the demons, but it seems fair to assume that Hell will change in some way. The King is back and better than ever.

Hopefully, he at least changes that throne. It looks uncomfortable.

Hell in Lucifer

02. Will Lucifer find another way to leave Hell?

That’s the end goal, right? Or are we looking at a Hades-and-Persephone kind of deal (minus the kidnapping) in which Lucifer remains in Hell and Chloe comes down every winter to hang?

When Lucifer left Hell the first time around, it seems like he just sorta… walked out with Maze marching behind him, knife in hand. There didn’t seem to be much fanfare behind it all. Now, Lucifer has returned to Hell of his own volition to save the world from whatever prophecy hates the idea of him and Chloe being together. And while his return didn’t seem to include much fanfare, we can only imagine the kind of acting up he’ll do in order to make himself feel better.

A bored Lucifer is a danger to himself. A heartbroken one? Ooh boy.

Lucifer wings and Decker

03. What about Lucifer and Decker?

Speaking of heartbreak…

Since the moment they met, Lucifer and Chloe Decker have been the kind of will-they-won’t-they duo ships are made of. As Chloe rolled her eyes over Lucifer’s flirtations and various quirks, they grew closer, gained each other’s trust, and, yes, fell in love. At the end of Season 4, all those feelings come rushing to the surface. Chloe accepts who Lucifer really is! They kiss! They admit their love! Then Lucifer has to return to hell as Chloe begs him not to go.

Of course, he returns to hell to save her. And to save everyone. She is, after all, his first true love, which means their love will unleash evil on the world, according to the prophecy we were chasing throughout Season 4. You remember the one — everyone assumed Eve was Lucifer’s first love but… not so much. It’s Chloe. Of course it’s Chloe.

It’s all very sad. But we know they have to end up together in the end, right? Right?

Baby Charlie in Lucifer

04. And what about little Charlie?

Linda and Amenadiel’s son Charlie played a big role at the end of Season 4. Not that he was aware of his role being, y’know, an infant. But still. Big role.

Depending on when Season 5 picks up, we assume Charlie will still be around in one form or another. There’s a good chance Charlie is immortal like his dad (since Amenadiel was planning on taking Charlie to heaven for “all eternity”), but does he have any other angel powers? Linda spent a good amount of time in Season 4 angel-proofing her house, going so far as to bubblewrap the rafters in case Charlie could fly.

Can Charlie fly? Does he have little baby angel wings? Can he stop time like his dad, or are his powers different? Maybe he takes after one of his seemingly countless aunts or uncles.

God Johnson in Lucifer

05. Will we ever see God?

We heard God’s voice in Season 3’s alternate reality episode “Once Upon a Time” and met Earl 'God' Johnson in Season 2’s “God Johnson,” who Lucifer believed was his father for a period of time, but we’ve never actually seen God on Lucifer.

The all-powerful co-creator of the universe is mentioned in almost every single episode of Lucifer — whether directly or via bad pun — and obviously plays an enormous part in, well, everything in the show. Actually seeing God come to Earth like his Goddess wife and inhabit a human is a potentially fascinating plot point in Season 5.

Plus, for Lucifer to really get to the core of his self-loathing and be happy, it seems he’d have to be able to confront his father — look him in the eye and demand to know why God keeps messing with his life. That can’t happen without God.